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How co-working spaces can restart post lock down

How co-working spaces can restart post lock down.


Most co-working spaces are now outlining radical steps to reopen their company post lock down, maintaining participants’ health and sanitation at the maximum standard of premises. The risk and uncertainty of COVID-19 pandemic is increasing each day. Although, policy measures are in full swing to stem the dramatic effects of this pandemic, which is quickly tolling human lives. There is also little clarification as to when regular business resumes. This is well known that the lock down cannot stay in effect permanently.


Measures to implement:

When the lock down is ended and firms can function out of their office buildings, several innovative initiatives and procedures will need to be enforced in all working settings to take care of the possibility of contracting the infection. The organizations will have to introduce improved protection procedures higher than a conventional workplace to maintain business-as-usual and guarantee strong organizational interest into co-working work spaces.


Work from home:

Indian IT industry allowed workers to Work From Home according to policy order during the lock down. As a result, nearly 90 percent of workers operated from home, with 65 percent from urban areas and 35 percent from small-town areas. The IT industry moved to the Work from the home system during the lock down very smoothly offering operational continuity to consumers without reducing efficiency or profitability, shocking both major companies and customers. So several workers operating from home amid reports that a substantial portion of them will continue even once the condition returns to normal life. Companies will now need to reconsider their approach particularly in office, interior and architecture real estate, to make the segment more appealing to customers.



When the job continues after the lock down, optimizing the use of workspace is a concern. The workplace will entail large-scale behavioural and physical room changes. Organizations would now take advantage to revaluate their working course of action to give more adaptability to their staff, particularly thinking about the advantages of profitability and commitment, This will push up the demand for co-working space.



Risk reduction must now be an essential part of organizational decision-making, particularly as businesses follow their business continuity plans. Organizations will intend to make decent variety in the geography, expanding the opportunities for adaptable workspaces in Tier 2 and Tier 3. They may likewise observe a piece of organizations moving to Tier2 and 3 urban areas to keep away from a shutdown during emergency. Expanding activities through geographies is intended to work well with the co-working group.


Co-working space:

Co-working facilities have often provided an advantage in terms of cost-efficiency. The world hopes to see the quickest post-lockdown recovery. At the point when the pandemic hazard facilitates, more organizations look to continue their business. Co-working spaces is the main decision for some organizations since they are more flexible in the time of the rent agreement. Businesses cannot afford to operate from home for so long, because many of them have tasks needing a high degree of direct control that are only possible in a structured office environment. These enterprises are heavily reliant on the office facilities to work efficiently.


Looking on, co working spaces will continue to restructure their work environments, such as relying mostly on activity-based workplace and collaborative zones. The co-working space team will have to focus on other things, such as ramping up hygiene procedures with daily sanitization of premises, beginning shift-based jobs, simulated meetings, even sanitizing the hands of each participant entering the property, and sitting in offices in compliance with social distance norms. It may include the supply of hand sanitizers and the substitution of bio-metrics with card access.


Workspace administrators will have to enable participants to make the most possible use of their collective senses when allowing the use of community resources in co-working spaces since sanitation is the highest priority. They will also have to make sure that members comply with shift-based systems to eliminate the possibility of congestion. They will also be expected to establish a new regulatory structure or regulations. People should maintain social distancing and carry face masks for good effect. Co-working spaces will be required to re-plan their work areas and make sure their encounters do not lead to infection.



For all the undoubted upsides of co-working spaces that are primarily funded by companies, freelancers, small to medium-sized organizations and start-ups. They also have drawbacks and constraints. Besides most of them missing independent canteens they often prevent businesses from holding activities in local places. Trying to maintain these services is another problem. While several major businesses utilize co-working spaces, these drawbacks have usually driven some others away from the possibility of adopting them due to lower rentals.



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