How to control your diabetes

How to control your diabetes

Diabetes is a gathering of metabolic illnesses that result in high glucose levels. This may occur because of deficient creation of insulin by the pancreas or when the cells of the body don’t react to the insulin that has been produced. Type – 1 diabetes is where one’s body is not able to produce insulin. It normally happens in youth or pre-adulthood; however, it might happen at any age. The other is a condition in which the cells in the body neglect to react to the insulin created. This is called type-2 diabetes and around 90% of all instances of diabetes worldwide are of this compose. Other than these two types, there is likewise a third kind, gestational diabetes, which occurs and affects females during pregnancy.

Diabetes in India is a big problem. Overs the decades the cases for India in India have increased tenfold. More and more people in the age group 20-79 are diagnosed with diabetes. It is the 7th biggest cause for death in India. India ranks first in the list of countries with most people diagnosed with diabetes followed by China. This is an alarming time for Indians. There are a number of ways to control diabetes.

1. Healthy diet.

One of the reasons people are diagnosed with diabetes is due to their unhealthy eating habits. Unhealthy food items do not provide the body with essential nutrients required to tackle diabetes. Healthy eating habits or a healthy diet enables the people to control diabetes. One must avoid foods with high carbs as carbs when broken down in the body becomes glucose. On the other hand, the foods with high fiber content help control diabetes and is recommended by most diabetologists.

2. Reduce stress

Stress is one of the major reasons responsible for diabetes. More and more urban population is suffering from diabetes due to high stress and fast life of the urban areas. A good physical and mental health would help control diabetes.

3. Exercise and meditation

Exercise helps calms the body down and reduces stress. Meditation also brings about similar calmness to the mind. When the mind and body are calm and sound the body functions better. A better functioning body can bring about drastic changes to the health of an individual and in turn control ones diabetes.

4.Drink copper water

Drinking lost of water is one of the most recommended solution to tackle and control diabetes. This can be only bettered by drinking copper water. Copper has many health benefits to humans and controlling diabetes is one of them. Diabetic patients are generally recommended to drink water that has been kept in copper utensils overnight. This helps the copper to dissolve in the water overnight and makes the water rich with copper.

5.Sound sleep

A sound sleep enables the body to have the rest it deserves after taking so much risk especially in the urban areas. People are not able to get the rest the body deserves due to their busy schedules and end up aggravating the symptoms of diabetes. A sound sleep will help to control diabetes to a great extent.

Diabetes was and still a major concern for the population and India. The government of India is taking necessary steps to control the disease which practically doesn’t have any solid cure. However, it also is in the hands of the people to control it and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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