Benefits of curd, 8 reasons why one should be loading up on this creamy wonder

Benefits of curd, 8 reasons why one should be loading up on this creamy wonder

Curd is not only a sign of good luck but also healthy for health.


During summer a bowl of curd (Yogurt) is an item of our staple food. This creamy wonder can be eaten as a dish itself, you can add chopped onions and tomatoes, or curd with fruits also it can be used to add texture to the curries. Curd has also amazing health benefits apart from being tasty. It is loaded with several nutrients essential for health. It has essential nutrients like vitamins B-12 and vitamins B-12, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. 


In the immune system and metabolism, there are trillions of micro-organisms that perform key functions. Having probiotics not only regulates bacteria but also improves brain function which in turn helps in reducing the anxiety level. Probiotics are found in many foods as they are living organisms. They fight against harmful bacteria and prevent them from setting in the gut therefore, they are known as good bacteria.


Curd in India is known as dahi. It is one of the common food which can be easily found in any kitchen. Also, it is easy to pair with any of our daily meals.


Health benefits:

It helps in digestion:


Curd acts as a great probiotic. It helps in clearing out the digestive system because of the bacteria which are included in the curd. Moreover, curd can take good care of our upset stomach and also improves our gut activity.


Improves immunity:


Curd helps to fight against day-to-day airborne diseases like cold, influenza and also helps in boosting overall health. Curd has live active cultures that help in fighting diseases that cause germs and protects your intestine. Furthermore, studies suggest 200 grams of yogurt helps in boosting immunity just as much as popping pills.


 For stronger bones and teeth:


In addition, curd helps in the development of strong bones and teeth as they are rich in calcium and phosphorus. A cup of yoghurt contains 275mg of calcium. Daily consumption of calcium not only helps in maintaining bone density but also strengthens them. It is low in fat and calories.


Helps to lose weight:


Consumption of curd not only helps in strengthening the bones and teeth but also helps in losing weight. The abundance of calcium in curd helps in the process of thermogenesis which in turn helps in boosting the metabolism of the body. It burns fat.


Beauty benefits of curd:


For Healthy and Glowing Skin:


It can be made with the help of substances like lemon juice in a curling process. Curd acts as an antibacterial to as it has acidic compounds which help in fighting various skin related problems. After mixing curd and lime oil, it can be applied to your face for a few minutes. Once it is done it can be washed off with lukewarm water. People suffer from acne due to certain gastrointestinal issues, curd helps in marinating the gut which in turn leads to glowing and healthy skin. It acts as an excellent face pack as curd contains lactic acids that help in clearing all the dead cells on the face. 


Prevents premature wrinkles:


 It increases the moisture of the skin and prevents premature wrinkles because of the antioxidants which are found in the curd. This helps in preventing wrinkles. Further, curd has an abundance of vitamins and lactic acid which helps in preventing pimples. It acts as an exfoliator that removes dead cells and blemishes from ones face. 


Removes dark spots:


Those who have dark spots or areas which one wants to treat naturally curd can be the best option for them. It is because curd helps in recovering the dead skin in many ways. Curd helps to hydrate the skin which helps in removing dark spots, acne marks and it also helps to lighten the tan.


Curd helps in removing dandruff:


It can be used as a natural remedy on dandruff as it contains anti-fungal properties. It works wonders along with lime, honey and with black pepper powder for removing dandruff and itchy scalp.


One can grab a bowl of curd along with fruits and flax seeds and sunflower seeds for an added dose of fiber and all the nutrients that are quintessential for the body.


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