Coffee lovers rejoice. Read the health benefits of consuming coffee

Coffee lovers rejoice. Read the health benefits of consuming coffee

One can face many problems because of stressful work. You can be in a gloomy mood and be in the state of a stressful mind – a cup of coffee can fix it all. Individuals working in corporates are most likely to begin their day with a cup of coffee. Caffeine is said to give the body an adrenaline rush which helps you in kickstarting your day. Coffee is a great refresher that keeps you active and fresh.


Though coffee has become part of our routine life does not necessarily mean it is a good one.

Stomach disorders, irritability, headaches are some of the common problems, because of over-consumption of caffeine.


Coffee is not considered as the right option when it comes to health but it helps in better digestion of food. The research was conducted where the level of coffee to be consumed by a human body was estimated. Coffee which was mixed with bacteria was served in Petri dishes. After four days, coffee eliminated bacteria and improved muscle motility in spite of high caffeine content.


Speeding things along:

If you’re feeling little low, coffee can be your best friend.

Coffee helps in muscle contraction which helps in making everything move faster. Therefore, after drinking coffee in the morning, one might run for the bathroom shortly.


Inhibiting Glucose Absorption:

Inhibiting any nutrient is a bad thing. Nutrients don’t get a chance to get absorbed as some food items move through quickly with peristalsis.

If someone wants to maintain blood sugar, they can minimize the glucose absorption. coffee has chlorogenic acid which blocks the glucose absorption. It can help to maintain the insulin level and helps in stabilizing glucose. Which is also helpful for a person who has diabetes.


Increasing Fluid Loss:

When the heart starts pumping, that is when the caffeine kicks in. As a result urine production increases and have more liquid waste.

To make up for the loss one should drink plenty of water in a day to make up for the fluid loss. Or else one can feel dehydrated.


Causing Indigestion and Heartburn:

Indigestion and heartburn have a similar effect. It can worsen things than which is mentioned above. Indigestion, often caused by an ulcer. If indigestion is a frequent occurrence, then one should remove coffee from his diet. Caffeine-rich drinks produce more acid inside the stomach. Which can move upward towards your oesophagus. If your oesophagus weakens and doesn’t close properly, then it will cause heartburn.


If someone is having frequent indigestion then that person should drink dark-roast coffee.

Health benefits of coffee:

1. Reduces physical pain

2. Increases your fibre intake

3. Lowered risk of Type 2 diabetes

4. Reduces suicide risk and depression

5. Protection against Parkinson’s

6. Coffee drinkers have less risk of heart disease

7. Coffee drinkers have stronger DNA

8. Coffee reduces colorectal cancer risk



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