Wings of caffeine. Good or Bad?

Wings of caffeine. Good or Bad?

What is energy drink?

Energy drinks are any beverage that contain two main ingredients caffeine and sugar.

Let’s take more about caffeine and sugar, two sources of caffeine are the kola nut and the coffee bean. Caffeine is the stronger of these two ingredients. It increases the production of adrenaline which increases the heart rate and awareness. Caffeine also increases the production of dopamine released in your brain which affects your mood. As for sugar glucose, it is a simple sugar derived from plants such as sugar cane. Then the body converts much of the food you wat into glucose. Further, the glucose is directly converted by the body into energy for basic body functions and activity.

 So, what can be wrong with a little caffeine and sugar?

In small doses caffeine and sugar are fine, the problem is that the benefits are short lived. This leads to drinking them over a prolonged period or taking them in large quantities. Although, when you artificially increase the production of dopamine the result is a lack of dopamine. Once you stop drinking the beverage, after the effect of caffeine your mood is worse than before consuming caffeine.

The production of the adrenaline also decreases which lowers your heart rate and awareness. For coffee drinkers this is called the afternoon crash. Hence, the way most people counteract this effect is to drink more caffeine this can cause over cessation or worse. Unfortunately most of the sugar found in energy drinks is not glucose its fructose as in high fructose corn syrup. Fructose is not directly processed by the body instead it stores in the fat cells for processing later. Consequently, it ends up as cholesterol and fat.

The message here to take is that small amounts of energy drinks once in a while fair enough. However, large amount of energy drinks or long term use of energy drink should be avoided. Now, the next time you feel a little tried try grabbing milk instead, just not in the middle of a meeting.


Everyone drinks them, but most people are not aware of their effect on the human body 

Standard can of energy drink contain 250 ml, it has 80 milligrams of caffeine and 27.5 grams of sugar i.e. equals to 9 sugar cubes. Once you finish a can the pulse rises and so does the blood pressure. After 20 minutes, the first positive effect set in you is to feel awake and powerful. After 40 minutes, all the caffeine has entered your system and sugar stimulates the brain and the happiness hormone dopamine is released now. You have about an hour for the positive effects of energy drink after this the fatigue starts to come back. While some people even believe that they’re now more irritable and nervous than before they consume the energy drink.

Experts agree that a can of energy drink a day is good. However, two cans is absolute maximum amount that you should take in a day. Risk assessment warns that especially for people with cardiovascular disorders. It can get really dangerous to consume more than two doses. As it increases the caffeine and sugar content, which can make the heart beat more rapidly. Some of the other common addictive like taurine are not so serious. Taurine incidentally does not come from bull testicles. But rather it’s an amino in sulphuric that evolved cysteine in the breakdown of amino acid. According to the foundation, most addictive like taurine do not have any bad effects. They pretty much have no effect at all it’s all just marketing number.


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