Types of Stress Buster

Types of Stress Buster

Stress is like a Dark chocolate if you have a small bite it won’t kill you. Stress can be good for you! Yes, you heard it right, it can be good as it will wake you up in the morning. Also it will make you do your work. A person can be in stress due to many ways like if he/she failed in their exam. Or else, if they scored low marks, lost a match, family problems etc. Chronic and severe stress can damage your body and mind. It happens by blocking the fluid communication to and from most organs. A person should always be in a position to fight stress.

Following are some of the stress busters which can help you:

Catch It Right Away:

One of the best ways to fight stress is to stop when it starts. A person must learn that going into stress won’t help him/her. So they must learn to control themselves and refrain from going in to stress. It is said that stress at the beginning is the weakest and one can control it at that time. A person must start thinking to the solutions to its problems so that he/she won’t go in to stress.

Listen to Music:

It is been said that listening to music changes the mood of the person and is one of the best stress busters. Whenever you are sad or in tension you should listen to your favorite songs. This will help you in cheering yourself. Also you will feel good. Listening to some motivational songs will also help you in boosting your morale. Thus stopping you from going in to stress.

Fix Your Posture:

Having a powerful body language can make you more confident and will also help in reducing your stress. Usually, successful people have low-stress level because they have learned to adopt open, confident, powerful poses which is one of the reasons behind their success. Therefore a person must adjust its posture in order to avoid stress. 


Laughter is the best medicine; it is rightly said by the doctors. As chronic and severe stress can harm your body, humour and laughter can heal it. The doctor says that laughter mellows out the autonomic nervous system and allows the heart to relax. It boasts a person’s immune system, increases person’s ability to fight foreign cells and viruses and also helps in reducing the stress hormones. So laugh as hard as you can, as having fun is its own stress buster.


Exercise is always good for our health as it relieves stress. It’s not necessary to run a marathon or complete a triathlon, just a jog in the morning or in the evening is enough to reduce your stress. Exercising will help a person by stimulating its brain chemicals which will further result in its growth of nerve cells. It also increases the activity of serotonin and releases endorphins which reduces pain and controls brain’s response to anxiety and stress. 

Don’t Multitask:

Most of the time person goes into stress when he/she is asked to do two things at one time. For e.g., if a person is asked to study and also keep a watch on other things then he/she might get uncomfortable to do both things at a time and may start worrying. Multitasking can be done by those people who are used to it and are doing it daily. So if you have given a job to do two things at a time then you should concentrate on one thing only to avoid stress.


Traveling is said to be the best stress buster as it keeps you off from all your worries. A person should travel to places where they can feel comfortable. Places like beaches, with beautiful scenery, great environment etc. can make their day. Travelling with your family and friends can boost your morale as you will feel supported by them and they can always make you laugh on the trip. There will also be memories which you can’t forget for the rest of your life.




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