Lupin ltd consolidated revenue fell by 14% YOY to Rs 3604 Cr.

lupin ltd.

In Q1FY23, Lupin ltd consolidated revenue fell by 14% YOY to Rs 3604 Cr.

Lupin limited is a multi-national pharmaceutical company based in Mumbai. The company specialises in branded and generic formulations, APIs and advanced drug delivery systems in biotechnology. It has 18 manufacturing sites and 9 R&D sites across the globe.

Lupin ltd consolidated revenue fell by 14.9% YOY to Rs 3604 Crores, in Q1FY23, due to subdued performance of its US business.EBITDA was down by 76% YOY to Rs 238 Crores. EBITDA margin falls by 1680 basis points.YOY to 6.6% due to raw martial inflation, higher employee spends and other expenses. Consequently , company reported a loss of Rs 89 Crores. As against of Rs 542 Crores profit a year ago. Company increasing market share, new product ,and scaling up of the Indian business indicate well for the company  performance.

Financial highlights :

In Q1FY23, lupin ltd consolidated revenue declined by 12.3% YOY and QOQ to Rs is mainly due to muted performance in the US business. Revenue from the US business declined by 24.2% YOY and 28.7%Quarter On Quarter to Rs 1010 Crores due to inventory writw down , shelf stock adjustments and price erosion. Company s Indian revenue stood at Rs 1492 Crores which is down by 8.85 YOY and up by 10.4% QOQ DRIVEN BY A 9.9% Quarter on quarter driven by a 9.9 % QOQ growth in domestic formulations. API revenue grew by 3.7% YOY and 15.8% QOQ to Rs 255 Crores. While revenue from growth markets rose by 27.3% YOY and 11.2% QOQ to Rs 424 Crores.

Margins impacted due to raw material inflation:

Gross margin of company contracted by 720 basis points YOY to 55.3% as the company pared down inventories and took shelf shock adjustments on select products consequently; EBITDA fell by 76% YOY to Rs 238 Crores. Company owing to further price erosion in the US business and inflation in input materials. EBITDA margin thereby shrink  by  16.8% YOY to 6.4% reported a loss stood at Rs 89  Crores as against Rs 542 Crores .

Quarter highlights:  

Capex stood at Rs 161 Crores against Rs 106 Cr in Q1FY22 and Rs 158 Crores in Q4FY22. R&D expense was at Rs 348 Crores against Rs 374 Crores in Q1FY22 And Rs 344 Crores in Q4FY22. Total marketed generic products stood at 167. It launched cyclosporine ophthalmic in the US in the quarter. Current pipeline includes 54 FTF, OF Which 21 exclusive FTFs are awaiting for the USFDA approval. In India business, the company has a revenue run rate of more than Rs 1000 Crores. In cardiac and anti-diabetics .GI, pain and gynae grew in double digits.


The EPS was Rs. -1.96, compared to Rs. 10.15 in June 2021. The ROCE and ROE were at  -7.16% and -11.8%, respectively. The book value of a stock is Rs 267. The company’s asset turnover ratio was 0.73x. The scrip is trading at Rs.717, up by 5.40%. on Monday.

Astral Pipes posted a net profit of Rs. 96 Cr.


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