Credag outperforms analyst expectations Profit soar to 349 Cr

MMFS Q1FY24 results updates

Credag outperforms analyst expectations Profit soar to 349 Cr

Company Overview:

CreditAccess Grameen Ltd is a Non-deposit taking NBFC-MFI (Micro Finance Institution) that specializes in providing microfinance loans, including income generation loans, family welfare loans covering medical and education expenses, home improvement loans for water and sanitation, and retail finance loans. The company also offers a wide range of products, such as unsecured business loans, 2-wheeler loans, gold loans, housing loans, and life insurance. They have expanded their reach by adding 51 new branches, bringing their total to 1,877 branches, and adding 3.36 lakh new customers, with 40% coming from states outside the top 3. Recently, the company raised 990 Cr through public NCDs with an average coupon rate of 9.3% and an average tenure of 3 years.

Robust Business momentum:- GLP/disbursement growth-36% YoY/13.5% YoY

In Q2FY24, the company experienced a significant growth in its Gross Loan Portfolio (GLP), which increased by 36% YoY and 3.1% QoQ, reaching 22,488 Cr. Disbursement amounts also grew by 13.5% YoY and 4.1% QoQ, totaling 4,966 Cr. Income generation loans (IGL) constituted 94% of the GLP, indicating a concentration risk on this product. The number of borrowers increased by 21.2% YoY and 4.1% QoQ, reaching 46.03 lakh.

Well Structured Liability Management:

CreditAccess Grameen Ltd has focused on securing long-term funding from foreign sources to mitigate short-term refinance risks. Their liability mix by tenure stands at 70% for long-term instruments, 23.5% for medium-term, and 6.7% for short-term as of Q2FY24. They maintain a diverse lender base, which includes 46 commercial banks, 3 financial institutions, 16 foreign lenders, and 6 NBFCs. Their cost of borrowing stood at 9.8% in Q2FY24

Asset Quality Improved & Strong CAR – 25% in Q2

The company’s asset quality improved significantly in Q2FY24, with Gross Non-Performing Assets (GNPA) reducing by 140 bps YoY and 12 bps QoQ to 0.77% amounting 173 Cr. Net Non-Performing Assets (NNPA) also declined by 53 bps YoY and 3 bps QoQ to 0.24% amounting 53 Cr. The company maintains a robust capital adequacy ratio of 25%, well above the RBI guideline of 15%. Collection efficiency stood at 98.7% in Q2

Valuation and key ratio: – ROA 170+ bps/ ROE 900+ bps/NIMs 110+ bps in Q2

The company’s stock is currently trading at 4.31 times its book value amounting to 364 per share at 1,571 Rs. In Q2FY24, they reported impressive return ratios, with Return on Equity (ROE) improving by 900 bps YoY and decreasing by 170 bps QoQ to 24.7%. Return on Assets (ROA) stood at 5.6%, growing by 170 bps YoY and decreasing by 20 bps QoQ. Net Interest Margins (NIMs) increased by 110 bps YoY and 10 bps QoQ to 13.1%, while the cost of borrowing grew by 60 bps YoY to 9.8%. The interest coverage ratio stood at 2.13x, indicating the company’s solvency.

Q2 FY24 Results Highlights: Standalone

➡️ In Q2FY24, the company saw significant growth in interest income, which increased by 53.95% YoY and 7.44% QoQ to 1,187 Cr. Interest expenses also grew by 55.13% YoY and 10.12% QoQ to 424 Cr, resulting in Net Interest Income (NII) reaching 763 Cr, a growth of 53.29% YoY and 6.01% QoQ, due to an increased yield on loans by 200 bps YoY and 40 bps QoQ to 21.1%.

➡️ Pre-provision operating income (PPOP) increased by 68.91% YoY and 4.28% QoQ to 565 Cr, attributed to a decline in the cost-to-income ratio by 650 bps YoY to 31.7%.

➡️ Provision decline 9.03% YoY (+25.46% QoQ) to 96 Cr while credit cost stood at 1.60% due to healthy asset quality in Q2FY24.

➡️ Net Interest Margins (NIMs) increased by 110 bps QoQ to 13.1%, while the cost of borrowing increased by 60 bps YoY.

➡️ Profit After Tax (PAT) surged by 99.38% YoY and 0.84% QoQ to 349 Cr, driven by strong GLP growth 36% YoY, NIMs improvement 110+ bps YoY, and cost efficiency. EPS for the quarter stood at 21.96 Rs (PQ-21.78) grew 99.38% YoY and 0.84% QoQ


CreditAccess Grameen Ltd appears to be on a strong growth trajectory with robust business momentum, well-managed liabilities, improved asset quality, and impressive financial performance in Q2FY24. The company’s focus on microfinance and other financial products, along with its diverse funding sources, positions it favorably in the market. The positive financial ratios and strong capital adequacy further enhance its prospects. However, there may be a need for diversification in the product portfolio to reduce concentration risk.


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