Real estate sees investment growth in 2019

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Real estate sees investment growth in 2019


Real estate market witnessed an increase by 27% in investment during the year 2019. This increase is due to the Real estate sector now being transparent in operation and money-making. Many foreign investors and domestic investors have a great interest and belief and have invested in this sector in hope of making profits. Also, many government policies played a key role in helping this sector escalate.


Real estate witnessed a record of $6 billion during the financial year 2019. Investment compared to last year was $4.76 billion which has now increased by 27% to reach a record high of $6 billion. Major investment was 10% in hotel, 40% in office and development sites by 41%. Cities with high investment rates are Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, etc. There were many steps taken by Government to increase the liquidity of cash to create interest for the investors. Major contributors were foreign investors with 65%. On the other hand, domestic players were 35%. Hotels saw a 10% increase compared to 2018 report and development sites saw 5% growth compared to 2018. India is a hub for many developed countries searching land, warehousing, and office space. Quick urbanization looks good for this part. Interest for private properties has flooded because of expanding urbanization and rising family unit pay.


Real estate sees growth in investment in 2019

India is among the top 10 Real estate markets globally. Government allows 100% FDI inflow in this sector. They have also passed a scheme which states 60 million houses are to be built by 2022 where 40 million are in rural region and 20 million are in urban region. Government is aiming to build 100 smart cities which will help to reduce number of people migrating to urban areas. Relaxation in certain norms has helped to elevate this sector. Key drives to increase are easy finance, increase in population, rapid urbanization, increase in the income of people, increase in economy, growth in tourism and policy support by Government.


As of now, COVID-19 is affecting various sectors all over country due to lock-down. There is a 20% decline in Real estate. Due to low-income and decrease in spending power of people there will be a decline in sale. COVID-19 pandemic may have serious declining impact in the present year. Quick urbanization looks good for the part. As per the Government, the sector will witness a $1.3 trillion investment by 2025. The increasing young population of India will help in building education space. The healthcare space is expected to grow to $372 billion by 2022. With an increase in number of tourists, there will be increase in number of guest houses and service apartments. Also, increase in demand for hotels industry is expected to increase up to $15.3 million by 2025.



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