M Night’s Glass shatters some conventions. Read full review here

M Night's Glass shatters some conventions. Read full review here

After two seemingly different movies launched by M Night Shyamalan: ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Split’; being true to his own self; Shyamalan gives us another film ‘Glass’, revealing to us that all three movies are inter-connected. Glass comes after Shyamalan launching films that have not done well on the box-office, hoping to turn the tables for him.

Story Line:

The film incorporates characters from the earlier two films. ‘Glass’ comes off as more of a direct sequel to Split. The film is purportedly about three comic book style ‘super-heroes’: Kevin Crumb (James McAvoy). Who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and switches among 21 different personalities. David Dunn (Bruce Willis) being the invincible strongman and Elijah Price (Samuel. L. Jackson) as Mr Glass who is afflicted by a rare brittle bone disorder as his name evinces. The tale is about these three being questioned about their own identities of being super-humans by Dr Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson). Dr Ellie is supposed to be a psychiatrist called to treat these three men having delusions of grandeur about themselves.


The movie is well-crafted when it comes to direction. Shyamalan yet again proves his mettle after putting out successively ‘well-made’ movies albeit not ‘well-earning’ on the box-office. Shyamalan does not deviate from his ‘USP’ of packing a twist in the end and, unsurprisingly, this one carries one as well. One thing that the film does deserve credit for is the cinematography. A new and unknown cinematographer, Mike Goulakis is given charge for this film. Further, he has done a job that could help him land bigger movies in the future. The movie is mostly shot in a dingy asylum with low light and majorly consists of close-up shots of the three main characters of the film. therefore it required a masterful job with the camera and Goulakis has shown that he deserved all the praises he received for it.


Why it failed:

The film has three superheroes but does not feel like one of those archetypal ‘Marvel’ blockbusters. The movie does well in knitting the three different storylines together and builds a decent plot. But falls short of engrossing the audience for two straight hours. The movie gets monotonous in the middle and fails to get the much-needed gasps a Shyamalan film is known for. Although, the camera movement, shots and cinematography have been articulately done due to the overall loose storyline of the film they just don’t help the movie.


Critics View:

Critics of Shyamalan have been proven right again. No one raises a question about Shyamalan’s finesse when it comes to film-making, but as of late his movies have failed to have the ‘punch’ that a film needs to have to be truly special and, well, obviously…to earn money. Now we can’t say whether it’s the choice of his movies that come back to bite him or it’s just that the Gods are not on his side, but ‘Glass’ fails to capture both the audiences’ elusive eyeballs and the critics’ ratings.



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