Netflix India’s basic mobile plan gets good response

Netflix Netflix India


Netflix India’s basic mobile plan gets a good response 

With the net profit of ₹20.2 lakh in the first year of operation, Netflix has grown to become one of the leading video streaming services in India. To compete with other video streaming services, Netflix has introduced an entry-level mobile plan of just ₹199 from the earlier price of ₹ 499. The newly introduced plan was to gain more audiences and subscribers in the year ahead. With the introduction of the new plan, Netflix subscribers might cross an impressive number of 4.1 million by December 2019.

Top videos streaming services

Among-st the online video streaming services in India, Netflix occupied 4th position. Disney’s Hotstar is the market leader followed by Amazon Prime and Sony Liv. Hotstar which debuted as a sports content stream is currently at the top of video streaming services in India. It has introduced quite affordable mobile plans at ₹ 149 per month. During the peak cricket seasons, more than 25.3 million viewers access Hotstar.

Amazon Prime is another video streaming service with a large market presence in India. With 7 million paid subscribers, Amazon Prime is introducing new products constantly to subscribers. To retain its subscribers, the company has also introduced affordable mobile plans of ₹ 129 per month. The latest study by FICCI shows that a active internet users in India spend 70% of their data on entertainment.

Netflix promotional strategy

Being the largest online video streaming company, Netflix has shown more product creativity than it’s competitors. The entry-level plan introduced by Netflix in India is available for mobile devices only. Netflix strategy is to attract subscribers by aggressively promoting on social media. Likewise the tagline ‘Netflix and chill’ has received a good response from millennial’s. Netflix is focusing on the Indian market by producing local content. One of the most successful online series ‘Sacred Games 1 & 2’ has received tremendous feedback from its subscribers.

At the forefront

 Netflix has also signed a deal with Dharma Productions on September 2019 for supplying original contents of films and series. Their alliance came together after Netflix bought the right to release ‘Lust stories’ on its platform.

All the major video streaming services are targeting the age group 18 -35 years old by introducing strong content to their platforms. Overall the growth of online video streaming has posed a big challenge to the conventional Television in India. Online video streaming services are seeing a spurt in their subscribers after the advent of affordable data plans and superior mobile devices. 

Netflix India’s basic mobile plan gets good response 


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