Amazon bans million products for false virus cure claims

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Amazon bans  million products for false virus cure claims

Corona virus has killed more than 3000 across the globe and almost 80000 people are infected. Some sellers see this as an opportunity to earn more money by selling fake products and guides at higher prices by giving a false advertisement. But most of the times, the products are not even related to the virus. You will get a ton of solutions on Amazon if you search for Coronavirus. You may find self-published guides on how to beat it or how to stay away from it, some products for sanitizing and of course, face masks. However, in recent weeks, Amazon has banned and removed all the merchants selling these products at higher prices.

Amazon takes strict actions on fake products:

Amazon has abolished more than a million products from its site which claim to have cures for coronavirus as sellers look to make profits from this global crisis. Coronavirus which was first found in Wuhan, China and is starting to spread in other regions. They have also removed tens of thousands of additional listings from merchants as they try to swindle shoppers.

World Health Organization has urged tech giants like Amazon to stop the circulation of misinformation as online merchants make fake claims. Amazon has also informed third party seller against unfair increase in prices of face masks.

 A spokesperson of Amazon said that sellers are have to provide accurate and true information of the products. Sellers who violate the policies are get rid of immediately. They said they have been questioning the products throughout the month. The company has also removed or banned thousands of merchants accused of charging high prices. Merchants increase prices of masks and products used to defend against the spread of coronavirus.

Other online platforms follow suit:

 This move was made in the same week that Facebook said it would suspend all the ads, and promotions of products that provide fake promises about curing corona or reduce the spread of the virus that has so far infected more than 80000 people, and also cause more than 2500 deaths, but probably in China.

Amazon did not provide any list regarding the names of the products or sellers. The company has however removed the sellers from the site. But according to some sources, the site still suggests many products that are still being sold at unusual and high prices. Some of those products are not even related to the purpose.

Amazon has added a link, COVID-19, which comes up when you search corona virus-related terms online. This link directs customers to pages that provide actual and real results about their doubts and queries. These pages are created and provided by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

Amazon bans a million products for false virus cure claims

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