Ten Cars which are almost extinct

Cars are expensive, fast and stylish. Although some cars also can get extinct due to different reasons. This cars are considered as rare and collectible among the car enthusiasts.  

Cars are one of the benchmarks the world uses to measure its place among its peers. And cars are statements to be made in the face of the world. Cars are judged by the speed, by their looks, by their price tag and by their exclusivity. An expert in a documentary on the Cultural icon James Bond, intrinsically connected with cars, dames and booze, highlighted the same. He said that for the Bond, The Rolls Royce was not a car to risk his life in. Rather Rolls Royce was the car to drive into the sunset with that special one by his side. Sometimes that is all one needs after a long day, not speed but just a slow soothing drive.

A slow drive in which one can enjoy the envy the reflected in the world’s eyes when they see the car. While keeping in mind the practicality of the cars, below is the list of ten rare cars in the world. This list does not be little the extremes of engineering found in the speed frenzy cars. Nor does it be little the price tag that these feats of engineering command.

All those are fine examples and essential in their own right. This list merely attempts to acknowledge that these beauties are not available to everyone. And it opens up the diversity of options available to a person to covet upon.

So, let’s get digging.

Dodge Coronet Convertible

• Dodge Coronet Convertible: Manufactured from 1967 to 1970, but only two cars produced per year. If this statement does spell out exclusivity very little of anything else will. Only six cars were produced in a production run of three years, of which four survive in the world today. Extremely rare and coveted upon, only one of the four surviving models was for once seen in an auction in the recent years.


• PegasoZ-102: A worthy sports cars by an unexpected source. And to say it once carried the tag of “The fastest production car in the world” only adds to the value of this beauty. Filled with a generous number of firsts like a five-speed gear box and a supercharger. Covet the car because it is perfection personified by an amateur sports car company. And covet the car because its features can shame even the giants of the time.  

Packard Panther

• Packard Panther: This one is a show car built in 1954. It was a two-seat luxury car with a convertible option. The car saw only four units built in its production run and only two of the models survive today. This car stood out due to the clipper taillights and a one-piece fiberglass body composition. The car was a vision that never took off. This over the years gave the car its current exclusivity. At an auction in 2006, the car fetched a staggering USD 360,000.

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

• Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale: The name is immediately followed by the words “drop-dead gorgeous”. These three words have identified most of the cars of the Italian manufacturer. And with the “33 Stradale”, the company does not venture far from this winning strategy. The example is a gorgeous mid-engine sports car based on the Tipo 33 sports prototype. The car topped at 160 miles per hour, pretty respectable for the 1960’s.

ZL1 Camaro

• ZL1 Camaro: The 60s was the era of the rebels and the muscle cars. This one is the last of the first generation of the legendary Camaro. Stock muscle car with a rear wheel drive and unadulterated 550 horses on the tap. This car is a beast and the masses have shelled out no less than a million United States dollars for the privilege to call one their own. The original production run rolled out 50 units of the car of which about 40 remain in circulation.

Lamborghini Jalpa

• Lamborghini Jalpa: A personal favorite of ours, the car is a beauty from the stables of Lamborghini. Introduced as the affordable cousin of the flagship Countach, the car was produced from 1981 to 1988. The production run saw just about 410 units roll off the line. This car is a transverse mid-engine, rear wheel drive from the legendary designer, Bertone. Name of the car is taken from a famous breed of fighting bulls. While the lifestyle of 1980s was defined by the Ferraris, this one too is a worthy example from the time. 

Tucker 48

• Tucker 48: This is more of a beauty against the beast story. Or rather a survival story embroiled in the tides of time. It is the classic story of ingenuity surviving the clutches of the big bad world. The car started production in 1948. And 51 units were produced before the company folded in 1949. While the reason of shutting down the company is being maintained as a stock fraud, some people believe otherwise. It is said that the car was taken down by the joint efforts of Ford, General Motors and Fiat Chrysler. According to a conspiracy they colluded and took the car down bureaucratically.

Aston Martin Bulldog

• Aston Martin Bulldog: A car can’t get more exclusive than this one. Just one car of this model was ever produced by the British giant. The car may look like a DeLorean DMC-12 aesthetically, but is nowhere close to it in its core. Powered by a 5.3-liter twin turbo V8, the car churns out an impressive 600 horses. The top speed of the car is 190 miles per hour. The car was originally shipped to the states but saw a homecoming in 2011, and now remains in England, its home and native land.

Talbot Lago Grand Sport

• Talbot Lago Grand Sport: If you want to increase the value of a product and the anticipation of the masses, give the product a chaotic backstory. The Talbot Lago Grand Sport epitomizes this statement. Make no mistake, the car is a gorgeous one with a perennial appeal. One look and you’ll see that car screams lush green countryside and mansions in its shape. Butthis French beauty is not for the common man, only for the connoisseurs and the elites.

Ferrari 250 GT Spyder Convertible

• Ferrari 250 GT Spyder Convertible: The one from the grand daddy of the racing phenomenon of today. The one from the bane of Shelby and Ford back in the day. But enough about the man, lets concentrate on the car. Just one car of Ferrari 250 GT Spyder Convertible was produced in the entire run. The lone car graced the collection of avid collector Robert “Bob” Lee till he passed away in 2016. The car was bought for USD 9,500 off the stand, way back in 1956. But today the car is valued at USD 10 million, a figure it will easily surpass in any auction.





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