Electric vehicles get a boost, FAME II in practice

Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises has implemented the second phase of FAME from 1st April 2019 for a term of 3 years i.e. FY2019-22. It was cleared by the union cabinet on 28th February 2019. The total subsidiary allocation of the scheme is Rs 10,000 crore. FAME II scheme will provide subsidiaries for 10 lakh, e-2 Wheeler, 5 lakh e-3 Wheeler, 55000 4 Wheeler’s and 7,000 buses. 

The subsidiary offered on the EVs will be calculated in line with the battery capacity of the EVs which can be Rs 10,000 per kWh for taxis and Rs 20,000 per kWh for buses. The benefit of the scheme will be given to EVs which are operated and powered by lithium-ion batteries. To establish charging infrastructure across India and set up 2,700 charging stations, to facilitate the availability of at least one charging station in a grid of 3X3 km. Setting up charging station at highways on both the side of the road for a distance of 25 km. On a positive note, the revised FAME II has removed all the barriers


Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, Government of India introduced the scheme FAME I under the Department of Heavy Industries for the development and expansion of Electric vehicles in India. The aim of FAME- India was to incentivize the production and accelerate the development of eco – friendly vehicles including electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. FAME – India is a part of Electric Mobility mission plan. The FAME – India commenced the FAME I scheme from 1st April 2015 for a time period of 2 years i.e. FY2015-17 by providing an outlay of Rs 795 crore. Further, the scheme got extended for 6 months i.e. up to 30th September 2015. FAME I was being extended till 13th April 2018. Therefore, the department of heavy industries decided to extend the scheme to further date of 31st March 2019 or till the notification of FAME II.


Total number of vehicle sold: 266823
Total fuel saved (In Liters): 52515
CO2 reduction per day (In Kg.): 130170
CO2 reduction (In Kg.): 104260771

Mahindra & Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M&M) is amongst the largest international automotive manufacturing corporation in the Republic of India. After the commencement of FAME II, M&M is planning to speed up EVs production and take the due advantage of the FAME II scheme. M&M has made an investment of Rs 450 crore in a plant at Chakan (Pune). The company has also put forth Rs 350 crore in R&D center in Bengaluru. Mahindra is planning to localize its product to increase its sells volume. At present, the company is selling e2oPlus and eVerito EVs in the passenger vehicle segment.
In 2018, Mahindra had unveiled six electric concept vehicles at an auto show.
1. e-KUV100, electric version of its compact vehicle KUV100
2. ATOM – Two-seater electric mobility pod
3. Mile urban mobility concept vehicle
4. Treo – Three wheeler lithium-ion-powered battery



1. E-VERITO – Rs 138000
2. Mahindra e-Supro cargo van – Rs 187000
3. Mahindra E-Supro – Rs 124000
4. e-VERITO D2 – Rs 138000
5. e-VERITO D4 – Rs 138000
6. e-VERITO D6 – Rs 138000
7. e-VERITO C2 – Rs 138000
8. e-VERITO C4 – Rs 138000
9. e-VERITO C6 – Rs 138000
10. E20 T2-48V Li-on Winston 450 Amp – Rs 124000
11. E20 T1 -72V Li-ion ATL 550 Amp – Rs 124000
12. E20 T6 48V Li –ion CALB 450 AMP – Rs 124000
13. e2o Plus P4- Rs 124000
14. e2o Plus P2- Rs 124000
15. e2o Plus P6- Rs 124000
16. e2o Plus P8- Rs 124000
17. TREO HRT-Rs 61000
18. TREO SFT-Rs 61000
19. TREO YAARI HRT-Rs 45000
20. TREO YAARI SFT-Rs 45000


Ampere Vehicles Private Limited

Ampere Vehicle Private Limited is a Coimbatore based electric vehicle manufacturer; it is highly specialized in manufacturing components of electric vehicles like Versatile controller, robust BLDC motor, Intelligent battery etc. It is a well-known and recognized company by the department of scientific and industrial research. They have filled 16 patents from which 3 patents are been approved. The company is aiming to achieve its target of making revenue of Rs 60 crore in the ongoing fiscal year. Taking the due advantage of the FAME II scheme, the company can deliver its product at a lesser price by availing the subsidiary.



1. V60 – Rs 7500
2. Ampere-V48 – Rs 7500
3. Ampere REO – Rs 7500
4. Ampere Magnus 60 – Rs 7500
5. Ampere Reo Li – Rs 17000
6. Ampere V48 Li – Rs 17000

Other companies listed under the Department of Heavy Industries for availing the benefit:

1. Electrotherm (India)
2. Maruti Suzuki India
3. Hero Electric
4. Toyota Kirloskar Motor
5. Lohia Auto Industries
6. Avon Cycles
7. Volvo India
8. Chris Motors
9. Ajanta Manufacturing
10. Tunwal Electronics
11. Okinawa Autotech


FAME II will give a phenomenal boost to the automotive sector by improving and enhancing the electric charging infrastructure and encouraging by offering upfront incentives on the purchase of electric vehicles.


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