Ajay Kapur appointed as CEO of aluminium, power business of Vedanta Group

Ajay Kapur appointed as CEO of aluminium, power business of Vedanta Group

On Tuesday 5th march, 2019 Vedanta group appoints Mr. Ajay Kapur as a Chief Executive Officer for aluminium, power business .Earlier; Mr. Kapur was managing director and CEO of Ambuja Cements.

About the Company

Vedanta is a varied natural resources company. Their business involves producing natural gas, oil, zinc, copper, iron ore, aluminium and commercial power. Key element of the Vedanta’s strategy is governance and sustainable development. It focuses on strong and healthy environment also to enhance lives of local communities.  The company is awarded with the Confederation of Indian Industry as ‘Sustainable plus Platinum Label’. It is ranked in the top 10 sustainable companies in India. Vedanta’s operations are across the India, Ireland, South Africa, Goa and Australia. Vedanta business has expanded over last 3 decades globally. They have invested US$ 17.63 million in community development initiatives.

 Mr. Srinivasan venkatakrishnan was a former CEO of Vedanta limited. The corporate goal of Vedanta Company is to create longstanding shareholder value by doing some research, acquisitions and discoveries also utilization of natural resources. It is carried out by unified board and management. The company produces 2.3 million tonne of aluminium which generates eight gigawatt (GW) of power. Also they use 2 million tonnes per annum alumina refinery. Market capitalization of the Company is Rs.66, 147.51 Cr.


 Mr. Ajay Kapur as CEO

Previously, he was working with Ambuja Cement which he joined at the age of 27 years. He is an economics graduate from Mumbai’s St. Xavier’s college. Also He has done mastery in management and some advanced management programme from Wharton B-school. Further, he has done several operational excellence programmes.

He will give guidance for unlocking the potential of the aluminium and power business which gives revenue of USD 6 billion. Furthermost, he has enormous experience in the infrastructure sector. This will definitely work for Vedanta Company to grow India’s largest aluminium company. Mr.Kapur has experience of 31 years across business verticals.

It is stated that Mr.Kapur will prioritize the things for aluminium business which helps to stay focused on volume and cost. Also helps in improving efficiencies among others. And he is excited to join as a CEO in Vedanta Company.


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