Nykaa Result update Q1FY24

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Nykaa Result update: Q1FY24

Company Overview:

Nykaa, a digital consumer technology platform founded in 2012, has established itself as a leading provider of lifestyle retail experiences to consumers. The company boasts a diverse product portfolio encompassing beauty, personal care (BPC), and fashion products, including their own brand offerings. As of March 2023, Nykaa collaborates with more than 6,250 national and international brands and has amassed a substantial customer base of over 24 million individuals. Furthermore, they benefit from the support of 6,900 celebrities and influencers.

Growth Potential in India: large headroom for growth

 India’s per capita spending on BPC and fashion is currently under-indexed, presenting a substantial growth opportunity. With India’s GDP per capita projected to reach $5,500 by 2030, per capita spending on BPC and fashion is expected to increase to $45-$50 and $160, respectively. India is currently in the early stages of growth, with per capita consumption in these categories being among the lowest in peer countries. The online BPC and fashion market in India is anticipated to grow at a remarkable 29% CAGR and 14% over the next five years, reaching values of 799 billion and 11,746 billion by 2027, respectively.

 Business Segments:

Nykaa’s primary revenue driver is the Beauty and Personal Care (BPC) segment, contributing 87% of its revenue. This segment offers a wide range of products, with nearly 300,000 SKUs from over 3,100 global and domestic brands. The Fashion segment, although launched relatively recently in 2018, has quickly gained traction, contributing 8.5% of revenue. It features 1,553 brands and more than 4.3 million SKUs across various fashion divisions.


Key Metrics for FY23:  

In FY23, Nykaa witnessed robust performance in both the BPC and Fashion segments. Monthly average visitors for BPC grew by 21% YoY to 22.7 million, leading to a total of 34.8 million orders, a 31% YoY increase, with a consistent average order value (AOV) of INR 1,857. Gross merchandise value (GMV) for BPC surged by 33% YoY to INR 66,491 million. In the Fashion segment, monthly average visitors increased by 13% YoY to 17.3 million, resulting in 6 million orders, a 21% YoY increase, and a growing AOV of INR 3,973. Fashion GMV showed remarkable growth, surging by 47% YoY to INR 25,696 million

Offline Reach:

Nykaa has extended its reach with 145 physical stores in 60 Indian cities, offering three store formats – Nykaa Luxe, Nykaa On Trend, and Nykaa Kiosks. The company has an extensive presence, serving 27,800 pin codes, covering approximately 98% of serviceable pin codes across India.


company’s current stock valuation is at a multiple of 2,348 PE, with a market price of INR 147, compared to the industry PE of 74.5. Nykaa reports relatively low return ratios, with ROE at 1.42% and ROCE at 5.55%. The stock is trading at 30.3 times its book value, and the EV/EBITDA stands at 136x.

Q1FY24 Results Update:

In Q1FY24, Nykaa continued its growth trajectory, with consolidated revenue increasing by 23.8% YoY to INR 1,422 crore. This growth was primarily driven by the BPC segment, which saw a 22.8% YoY increase to INR 1,130 crore, coupled with a 6.3% YoY increase in the Fashion business. Gross merchandise value (GMV) reached INR 26.7 billion, growing by 23.7% YoY, with substantial contributions from both BPC and the Other business. Notably, Nykaa’s distribution mechanisms boosted GMV across online and physical channels. The Fashion segment’s GMV grew by 12.3% YoY to INR 653 crore, driven by an 18.2% YoY increase in order count. EBITDA surged by 59.5% YoY to INR 73 crore, with margins expanding by 120bps YoY to 5.2% due to cost optimization. PAT increased by 8.3% YoY (and 138% QoQ) to INR 5 crore.


Nykaa’s performance in FY23 and Q1FY24 demonstrates its strong position in the Indian beauty, personal care, and fashion markets. With a growing customer base, expanding offline presence, and a promising outlook for India’s per capita spending in these sectors, Nykaa is poised for continued growth. However, investors should carefully consider the stock’s valuation and return ratios as part of their investment strategy.



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