Are green homes a viable option for home buyers?

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Nowadays climate change has become a very serious issue. It is necessary to make changes in lifestyle pattern to reduce one’s carbon footprint. Green homes provide a viable solution as they not only minimize the impact on the environment. It also acts as a cost-effective option for homeowners in the long run.

Green homes make the idea of intelligent living through which people preserve energy, water, rain-water harvesting, and waste management possible. Green homes have actually become a trend that is catching up fast in the Indian real estate market. Many developers across the country are offering Eco-friendly residential projects. Yet home buyers today are generally ignorant or hesitate to buy them. One main reason for this is the assumption that green homes can be costly and not economically viable.

The concept of a green home pertains to the efficient use of environmental resources, such as power, water and minimizing pollution. A green power resource can either be solar-based or windmill-based. Green homes may be expensive in the beginning because of investments like solar panels, efficient disposable systems, etc. But in the long run, these investments will cut on utility bills, compared to a standard house. Furthermore, one can always find cheaper, alternative materials to build a green home that fits one’s budget. Most of the time, the cost is equivalent to the cost of a standard home. The common factors that determine a green home, includes water conservation, energy efficiency, preservation of natural resources, and healthy neighborhoods.

Rating System:

In India, the rating systems that authenticate green buildings ratings are the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA), Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Home buyers intending to buy a green home should ensure that the house has been certified under one of these systems. Green homes often use toxin-free building materials, which can combat indoor pollution. One can always use resources that are available locally for constructing the house. Moreover, for heat and electricity, renewable energy sources like solar power, hydropower and wind power. Conservation of the ecosystem, improved air and water quality, less waste generation and preservation of natural resources, are a few of the environmental benefits that one can achieve by living in a green home.

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