Effects of Covid-19 on cryptocurrency market

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Effects of Covid-19 on cryptocurrency market

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency secured by cryptography which is not issued by banks or governments. In other words, a virtual currency which doesn’t have any physical embodiment is called cryptocurrency. Bitcoins(BTC), Litecoin(LTC), Ripple(XRP) Ethereum(ETH), Bitcoin cash, Ethereum classic, Zcash(ZEC) are some of the types of cryptocurrencies. In the present scenario, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected nearly all areas of businesses, people, economy, trade and the financial system worldwide.


Impact of COVID-19:

But at the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has also helped the world to connect digitally for different reasons like work, purchase of goods, health, etc. One of the most propelling and safe investments was gold but when a liquidity crisis occurs, investments in gold are not up to the mark and fail to generate profits. Here comes the role of cryptocurrencies. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the physical paper money usage to be minimized to control the spread of corona virus. This is because the virus stays on the objects for a longer time period. Cryptocurrencies acts as a solution to this problem.


Benefits of Cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrency gives the freedom of converting it into money without any manipulation on behalf of the banks and other financial institutions. Cryptocurrencies have made transactions faster by helping the trade system to be efficient. Using the traditional method for transferring funds overseas nearly takes 3 to 5 days. With cryptocurrencies, the transactions can be done in a much shorter time period.

The block-chain technology used in cryptocurrency can serve as a solution in different ways. It can track the supply chain of medical and pharmaceutical products which are considered as essential goods. It can also be used for tracking the amounts received as donations for the cause of corona virus, for tracking the proximity of virus, etc


Opportunities brought by Cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrencies can bring out new growth opportunities for emerging economy like India and also for developed countries. This is because cryptocurrencies provides faster payments between countries with no transfer fees or remittance charges. The stock prices have been hit tremendously and other investment avenues have also seen a downfall due to this outbreak. Investors are looking for much safer investment options in the long run.

Secondly, the growth in the usage of Fintech applications have made many companies to become curious. It could easily adapt to the new working conditions as they are using digital money for payments which has reduced the use of virus infected currencies. It acts as one of the best currencies developed so far and is one of the best alternative for fiat currencies. In future, the value of cryptocurrencies is likely to grow thus helping to be a digitalised paperless economy.



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