VRL Logistics has reported its highest revenue since the pandemic.

VRL Logistics has reported its highest revenue since the pandemic.

VRL Logistics has reported its highest revenue since the pandemic.

VRL Logistics reported a total revenue of Rs. 717 Cr. in the June quarter as against Rs. 665 Cr. in the March quarter. The company reported a net profit of Rs. 49 Cr. in Q1 FY23 compared to Rs. 56 Cr. in Q4 FY22 and Rs. 6 Cr. in Q1 FY22. 117 Cr. in the June quarter compared to Rs. 126 Cr. in the March quarter. The growth in the transport business is contributing 90% of the total revenue and was at 609 Cr. The increase was due to tonnage of around 44% and the other was due to realization.

New branch additions:

The company added 68 branches in Q1 FY23, giving an overall of 157 total branches. It intends to map out new locations and expand its reach. The new branches contributed 8% in Q1 FY23. They are in touch with the small operators as this can help them to have a strong base. The government has made it a norm in April to generate an E-invoice above 20 Cr, which will be decreased to 10 Cr. in the near future. This indicates that the business will be done in a more organized way.

Many commodities and new contracts are gradually shifting to the company as a result of their proper compliance procedure, and the number of customers has increased from 4 lakh in pre-covid level to 7 lakh customers. The diesel cost has increased from 29% of the total revenue to 31%. This rise is due to an increase in procurement costs, which was at Rs. 85 to Rs. 93 in the current quarter. The company is unable to get fuel from the refinery, which was 40% of their consumption. It declined to 25% in Q4 FY22 and null in the current quarter due to increases in bulk purchases by the government due to which they lost Rs.2 per liter.

The employee costs is constant in VRL Logistics. EBIT was 69 cr in Q1. The company has also increased the useful life of the asset from 9 to 15 years. The net free cash was at 100 Cr, out of which 85 Cr was used to fund Capex for the goods transport business.


The P/E for the company is at 24.8 times, and the 5 year P/E and 3 year P/E ratios are 27.8 times and 27.3 times, respectively. ROCE for VRL Logistics is at 22.7%. While the company’s ROE is 25.1%.The EVEBITDA ratio is 11.8.EPS for the company is Rs. 24.4 per share. The debt to equity ratio is at 0.82. The scrip closed at Rs. 604.45 and was up by 0.92% on Thursday.

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