Tesla Power India Launches ReStore: India’s Premier Refurbished Battery Brand

Tesla Power India Launches ReStore: India's Premier Refurbished Battery Brand

Tesla Power India Launches ReStore: India’s Premier Refurbished Battery Brand

In a groundbreaking initiative towards fostering self-reliance, skill development, and advancing green technology, Tesla Power India proudly introduces ReStore, India’s inaugural refurbished battery brand. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Tesla Power India Private Limited, with its global headquarters in Delaware, USA, unveils a cutting-edge Electro-Chemical Battery Enhancement Process (EBEP) set to revolutionize the battery industry.

Strategic Expansion: 5000 “ReStore Battery Refurbishing Centers” by 2025:
In a significant stride, Tesla announces plans to establish 5000 “ReStore Battery Refurbishing Centers” across India by 2025, with over 500 centers already operational nationwide. This strategic move underscores Tesla Power India’s commitment to “Atmanirbhar Bharat,” “Skill India,” “Circular Economy,” and “Sustainable Environment.”

Proprietary Technology: Electro-Chemical Battery Enhancement Process (EBEP)
The proprietary EBEP technology marks a breakthrough in battery refurbishment, significantly extending the lifespan of various Lead acid batteries, including tall tubular inverter batteries and UPS VRLA batteries. This cost-effective solution enhances battery life by 1 to 2 years, providing customers with refurbished batteries under the brand name “ReStore” at nearly half the cost of a new inverter battery, accompanied by a warranty.

Compliance with Environmental Guidelines: Battery Waste Management Rules 2022:
Aligned with the “Battery Waste Management Rules 2022,” as recognized by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Tesla Power India embraces battery refurbishing as an approved business activity. This strategic move is anticipated to give rise to approximately 30,000 battery refurbishment centers, generating employment opportunities for over 1 lakh individuals. Addressing the annual disposal of around 10 crore lead acid batteries, costing Rs.40,000 crore to the Indian economy, ReStore’s launch mitigates economic strain and environmental hazards associated with improper disposal.

Mr. Kavinder Khurana, Managing Director’s Perspective:
Mr. Kavinder Khurana, Managing Director of Tesla Power India, expresses his enthusiasm for ReStore, stating, “It’s not just a refurbished battery brand; it’s a solution for employment generation in a new battery service industry. By offering affordable refurbished batteries with performance warranty, we aim to redefine the market and train micro and small entrepreneurs on our game-changing Electro-chemical battery enhancement process (EBEP) technology.”

ReStore: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in Energy Storage:
ReStore emerges as the first refurbished battery brand in India, empowered by Tesla Power India. This launch reaffirms the brand’s commitment to delivering quality, reliability, and cutting-edge technology to the Indian market. Tesla Power India’s dedication to creating a positive impact on the environment, economy, and society is evident through ReStore’s offering of affordable and sustainable battery solutions, poised to drive significant change in the energy storage sector and beyond.

Tesla Power India’s launch of ReStore not only introduces India’s premier refurbished battery brand but also signifies a commitment to sustainable practices, skill development, and environmental responsibility. With the innovative Electro-Chemical Battery Enhancement Process (EBEP) and plans for widespread expansion, ReStore is poised to revolutionize the battery industry, contributing to both economic growth and a greener future for India.

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