RBI expects Inflation to cool from October.

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RBI expects inflation to cool from October:

Inflation in India is expected to slow down from October. The Central bank will minimize its aggressive action to cut down inflation, as per Governor Das.

As per RBI governor Shaktikanta Das, global factors should have more consideration while assessing inflation targets and current developments in Europe. The governor was focused on the importance of monetary policy. It will help in reducing inflation and inflation targets, despite fears that policy tightening could crease economic growth. He also added, after controlling inflation in the second half, there are chances of recession in India.

The Central bank on Friday eased its monetary policy to increase foreign investment and lift foreign exchange reserves. In India, inflation is above RBI’s target since the start of the year. This affected a hike in interest rates by 90 basis points in the last 2 months. All the central banks have been fighting against inflation driven by surging commodity prices, the Russia-Ukraine war, and supply chain disruptions. In June, RBI said expected inflation was at 6.7% and will cool down from October.

The impact of global factors on the domestic economy has increased over past years due to pandemics and war. So there should be greater recognition of global factors in local inflation and economic growth. This requires more coordination among countries to tackle problems. As per International Monetary Fund’s Latest projections, around 77% of countries have reported an increase in inflation, and this number could reach up to 90% in 2022.


RBI governor suggested that not all tightening sessions have ended in recession.  He even mentioned that these measures won’t last long. The Central Bank and other major banks have revised GDP projections. It indicates a loss of pace in the growth of the economy rather than loss of a level. RBI governor mentioned many times that RBI plans to bring down inflation to 4% with a sensible slowdown in the economy. Inflation has also raised concerns about whether monetary tightening will end in a global recession or if there can be a soft landing. Global factors have difficult policy alternatives between price stability and economic activity.

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