Force Motors launch Gurkha 2017 at 8.38 lacs

Force Motors launch Gurkha 2017 at 8.38 lacs

Force motors launch the second generation of Force Gurkha. The vehicle priced at Rs. 8.38 lacs. Force motors are a tough competition to Mahindra Thar.

Second Generation of Force Gurkha:

The second generation of Force Gurkha gets a few styling changes and the all-important BS IV-compliance. It is available in Xplorer and Xpedition variants. Xpedition version is being priced at INR 8.38 lacs and the Xplorer version is being priced at INR 9.38 lacs. Xplorer is the three door variant and the Xpedition is the five door variant. Xplorer is available in hard-top as well as soft-top versions. The Xplorer comes with three seating options of 4+ driver, 5+ driver and 7+ driver. While the Xpedition comes with two seating options of 6+ driver and 8+ driver. The Xpedition is available only in the hard-top version.

The second generation features a new steel bumper with fog lamps. It has a new front grille and revamped taillights. Included as standard are the all-terrain tyres. The second generation also features a new suspension setup and a new ladder frame chasis. The front has independent struts with gas charged shock absorbers. The rear has a multi-link setup with gas charged hydraulic shocks. The off-roader comes with anti-roll bar for safety.


Force Gurkha comes in a 2.6 liter inter-cooled, direct injection, turbocharged diesel engine. It is a BSIV-compliant version. The engine produces 84bhp at 3200 rpm and 230Nm of peak torquein the 1,400 to 2,400 rpm range. It has been mated with 5-speed G-28 all-sychromesh manual transmission. The off roader has a four wheel drive with low range and locking front and rear differentials. The distinguishing feature is the air intake snorkel located at roof height. This will ensure clean air intake as well as a high water wading ability of up to 550mm.

The Force Gurkha has had a dedicated fan following in the country. It is in the top lists of many off-roading enthusiasts. The upcoming showdown between Force Gurkha and Mahindra Thar will be interesting one


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