Five candlestick patterns every trader must know

Five candlestick patterns every trader must know

Candlestick pattern is a chart type that make up the price action. Candlestick pattern tell us on a day to day basis the sentiment of the market whether it is more bullish or it is more bearish and it helps to fine-tune our entries more precisely, that means by looking at candlestick pattern we enter, when all the stars ae aligned on the bullish momentum and short on bearish momentum

1. Bearish Pin Bar: 

Bearish Pin bar are one of the most well-known candlesticks, this is because they are very consistent. In the below mentioned picture if you observe, the pin bar is at least 2/3rd the length of the candle, the body is should greater than 1/3rd. You’ll find the bearish pin bar after a bullish move in the market, the wick shows strong surge of sellers coming into the market, and this suggests the bears, people wants to see in the market go down maybe gaining control of the price momentum.

2.Bullish Pin Bar:

Similar to Bearish Pin Bar, but the opposite way around, it will be found after a bearish, it can be a nose on Pin bars but there must be small, even with small nose the tail wick is still 2 times the length of the body at least after a bearish move, the pin bar will appear suggesting the bulls who won’t see the market rise who have taken control of price momentum. These Pin bars are practically the same as other reversal candles such as hammers and hanging men.

3. Marubozu:

It is a candle which is often a good indication of momentum and directionality in the market. The closer candle is the key to Marubozu that is because the close is right at the top or at the bottom of the candles range depending if the candle is bullish or bearish. It indicates that either the buyers or sellers are controlling the price action and direction of the market.

4.The Spinning Top:

In some respect, spinning top is the opposite of Marubozu, where the Marubozu indicating conviction decision and market direction, spinning top is doing exactly opposite of that. It indicate indecision, the body is small and indicates the little movement between the open and closed and the wicks indicates the buyers and sellers were active during the time period. Longer time spinning tops such as  in a daily chart can be an indication that range trading strategies are the appropriate ones to take an engulfing.

5.Engulfing candles:

 Engulfing candle is one which is bigger than the candle which preceded. It is often used by reversal traders as an indication that a trend will reverse. The engulfing candles which is favour most by traders, is where the body of the engulfing candles at least engulfs. The body of the previous candle it does not have to engulf the whole of the previous candle including the wicks.

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