Factors that makes stock a safe bet

Market update 11th May 2020

When it comes to investing, even the professionals are skeptical while making a buy or sell call for investment decisions. Therefore, this is due to the fact that the volatility is really uncertain. However, there are stocks which are termed as safe bets. These are listed on the basis of their equity, company growth and the dividend distributions that make the profit to minimalist. Since the risk factor in such stocks is at the minimum and so is the profit while in returns.

There are various reasons as for how a stock is termed as a safe bet. Few of the reasons are explained below:

Steady Profits and Growth:

In recent trends, it has been seen that the money available for the population at disposal is increasing day by day. Therefore, the banks are reducing the deposit rates and the returns on bonds are also dropping. This is making a growing concern for safe investors who deposit money for a longer period and gain interest. Since they are not getting enough returns. They are steering to the equity market and in the equity market. Having a safe bet would include a thorough analysis. This analysis shows growth revenue, future plans and whose shares are fairly priced as per industry standards and peer comparisons.

Less Volatility:

There are stocks which swing a lot throughout the day wherein the day trader trade. These are not favored by a lot of normal investors and avoiding such volatile stocks is the better key. Short investors favor less volatile stocks wherein the risk factor is not much. It is a good investment also for the ones who believe in the buy and hold stocks.


Investors also pay their attention to dividends for returns. Therefore, it has been seen that companies with a slower growth rate often pay out more dividends. The company gives out dividends to its investors in order to keep their stock trending. The dividends are a part of their profit for the period. There are a few well-known companies who give good dividends who are also less risky. The investors should consider various factors while investing for dividends returns such as dividend yield, growth, dividend payout ratio etc. These factors should be then compared with the industry average and their peers. This would help gain good dividends based on the investments.

Large cap Stocks:

Investing in a large-cap stock has its own advantage in the portfolio. As the large-cap stocks can bounce back if there is a downfall. Since the market capitalization is high and the investors can rely on such stocks. They have a tendency to give fair profits but the risk factor is far less.


Picking a stock is not a tough decision. However, one should be ready with all the information about the company in comparison with peers. This helps to know the future expectation of returns. That’s all one needs to be sure of while selecting stocks which is a safe bet.


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