How to control debt when the worst strikes

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One in every five people, struggle to pay off their medical debt who have their health insurance. The average treatment of cancer can cost around Rs. 20 lakhs – Rs. 25 lakhs and those who have their insurance can reach till Rs. 


Among the individuals who have declared bankrupt, individuals with cancer account for 2.5 times the individuals without cancer.


Diseases such as cancer demand expensive medical attention in a short span of time. To keep treatment as your first priority one should understand an average of how much financial assistance will the treatment demand. Furthermore, attention should be paid to alternatives which can insure you from financial hardships during the course of treatment.


Creating a budget:

How to figure out a way to bear the expense of the treatment is the first thing that comes to mind after the initial diagnosis. By creating a simple budget you can allow yourself to focus your energy on the treatment as well as the recovery. While creating a list, the following things should be taken into consideration:


• Outpatient visits, such as chemotherapy, regular provider visits, and consultations.

• Hospital stays and visits

• Lab testing

• Prescription medications

• In-home

• Mental health therapy during treatment

• Transportation and travel costs

• lost pay to due absence from work.


To estimate the total costs which include treatments and visiting costs, medical providers are developing a policy of transparency. As of 1st January 2019, a hospital required to post a “machine-readable” list of all the potential costs which hospitals might charge. Further, this helps patients to compare at different budgets at different medical centers. Treatment for cancer lasts for months or years, which help one as a patient and his family to focus on their treatment and recovery process.


• There is also the availability of online resources, social workers and communities who dedicate their work to cancer patients and their family, it is helpful for those who don’t know about budgeting. In a few hospitals, social workers and financial professionals are available. With the help of a financial professional, they can make payment plans. These can help to reduce the burden of any patient.


Go with your health insurance:

Those who have done their health insurance can get the most use out of it from their plans. also while dealing with cancer care coverage is important. One should always look for which services are covered under insurance like in-home aids, experimental treatment.


• One should always make a detailed folder of bills and insurance information while checking the terms of the policy. To maintain a budget, double check your charges or ensure you aren’t billed incorrectly.

• If you are over 65, make sure you qualify for Medicare.


Should you take out a loan:

Those who have gone through the cancer treatment, there would be a lot of medical debts even after having medical insurance. Furthermore, those who want to refinance, personal and medical finance would be the perfect option.


Negotiating debt with medical providers is important to lower the bills. The patients who want assistance, for them many doctor’s and hospitals often come for their help. There are also financial advisors who can help with the process.


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