Control Print declared a strong set of Q1FY23 results.

Control Print declared a strong set of Q1FY23 results.

Control Print declared a strong set of Q1FY23 results.

The key highlight for the quarter was higher gross and EBIDTA margins YoY and QoQ on account of better product mix. The revenues grew by 19.7% YoY to 65.1 crore. Gross margins expanded QoQ by 440 bps to 63% vs. 58.7% in Q1FY22, which was mainly on account of a higher share of consumables in the overall revenues. which also led to EBIDTA margins coming in at 27.3% in Q1FY23 vs. 23.7% QoQ and 21.7% YoY. The PAT came in at 11.7 crore, up 105% YoY.

Strong financials:

The company, as of FY22, has an installed base of more than 15,000 printers. The consumable goods saw good traction during the quarter, while building materials, pharmaceuticals, and bearings also expanded their base. The company suffered a bit due to chip shortages and supply chain issues, but things will get back to normal in the coming 1-2 quarters. Dairy, healthcare, packaged food, cable, and FMCG also provided good contributions to business. The company is now focusing on developing software for customers so they can provide customized support to them. Telecalling is also helping companies acquire new customers. Imported raw materials account for 25-27% of total imports.The company has sold around 756 printers, of which CIJ printers are dominating the quantity with over 55–65% of the total share. The company is enjoying a higher installed base for printers as during COVID, printers’ sales were good. They offer seven different types of printers, of which CIJ and TIJ are the most common. The higher percentage of consumables in revenue resulted in higher gross and EBITDA margins. The current utilization level stands at 55-60 companies per hour. Capacity can be increased as needed.


The EPS was 7.40 rupees. The ROCE and ROE were at 18.8% and 15.3%, respectively. The stock was trading at a P/E ratio of 18.5x. The asset turnover ratio was 0.84x. The interest coverage ratio stood at 47.7x. The scrip was trading at Rs.486, up by 1.06% on Thursday.

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