BSE, NSE to launch rupee derivative contracts

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BSE, NSE to launch rupee derivative contracts


The NSC IFSC  and India INX have introduced rupee derivatives which will help in bringing much needed added liquidity in the economy. This will supplement their customers with several investment options.

The motive behind introduction of rupee derivatives:

The CEO of NSE, Vikram Limaye communicated to the media that the introduction of rupee derivatives will help in the development of (Gujarat International finance tech) GIFT IFSC as a hub of global financial services. This IFSC platform will help in the rupee exposure of non resident participants. This non residents’ participation will also enhance the IFSC’s extended trading hours and USD settlement. They’ve already received permissions for offering securities trading in any currency except the Indian rupee.


Importance of introduction of rupee derivatives:

Mr. Limaye added that this measure will enhance the efficiency of Indian rupees’ price discovery. It will be done by eliminating the onshore and offshore markets’ segmentation. It will also allow for trading and hedging using rupee derivatives contracts to their trading partners viz. IFSC entities and banking units. The Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman did the inauguration of the rupee derivatives contract. The contract will be having a lot size in NSE IFSC – Rs 20 lacs and India INX – Rs 10 lacs and the contract will be settled in cash.


The futures and options:

The futures at the NSE IFSC will have in total three monthly expiry contracts . The options at NSE IFSC will have total seven weekly and three monthly expiry contracts. For the other one i.e India INX, there will be in total eleven weekly and twelve monthly contracts. In the past few months due to the corona virus pandemic crisis, there is an acute volatility faced by the currency markets. The introduction of rupee derivative contracts in the IFSC will lead to more stability during these situations.


The Contracts:

The chairman of India INX, Ashishkumar Chauhan communicated to the media that the size of contract will be Rs 10 lacs and the trading is made available from 8th May 2020, 3:30 pm IST. The trading is for both the pairs viz. USD-INR and INR-USD. He added that for the USD-INR product, many of the people like the exporters, importers, traders, etc associated with any kinds of businesses have expressed their keen interest. The Gandhinagar GIFT City is the only IFSC situated in India having zero short term, zero long-term, zero stamp duty and zero transaction taxes as of now.

Each and every businessman interested should consider trading and hedging using rupee derivatives contracts at the GIFT City. The MD and CEO of India INX, V Balasubramaniam communicated to the media that he looks towards the best participation of members and international participants. This will be the first launch of offshore Indian rupee derivatives contract.



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