Aurum Proptech will deliver a strong growth

Aurum Proptech will deliver a strong growth

Aurum Proptech will deliver a strong growth

Aurum Proptech recorded revenue of Rs. 14.64 Cr. in Q1 FY23 compared to NIL in Q1 FY22 and reported 8.1 Cr. in Q4 FY22 with a change of 78.9%. The company realised a loss of Rs. 6.85 Cr. in Q1 FY23 compared to a loss of Rs. 4.89 Cr. sequentially. EBITDA was at a loss of Rs. 5.69 Cr for the quarter compared to a loss of Rs. 6.22 in March 2022. Up by 9.3%, they managed to reduce their losses. The SAAS segment contributed revenue of Rs. 5.11 Cr. and the Real Estate as a Service (RAAS) contributed Rs. 9.53 Cr. The company reported other expenses of Rs. 11.27 Cr., which is a main negative point for the company.


Robust growth is expected from Helloworld in FY23.

Aurum Proptech now has five subsidiaries. K2V2 contributed around 9.8 Cr of the total revenue, whereas Helloworld recorded a total of 2.34 Cr. in the 15 days of its incorporation and is expected to give revenue of Rs. 15 Cr. of its own by the end of the current fiscal year. The management is optimistic about its future growth and has already tied up with the top developers. The company is operational in 15 cities and is currently mainly focused on Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi.

They received approval for two wholly owned subsidiaries, namely the Aurum software and solutions. The company calls for money from its rights issues by the end of FY23. We believe the stock at CMP still offers a risk-free upside of about 20% return (in three months) for any funds that do not pay any taxation on dividend income and thus offers a good special situation opportunity.



The ROE is at -6.50 % and ROCE at -9.04%. The debt to equity ratio is 0.04, which is a good sign as the company won’t have any short-term or long-term liquidity problems. The current quarter’s EPS was Rs. 1.93, with a P/E ratio of 14.74. The scrip was trading at Rs. 109 on Monday, up by 0.51 points. 

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