Are You Bribing Your Kids To Eat Veggies? Read This

Are You Bribing Your Kids To Eat Veggies? Read This

The study was executed on the students of a grade school wherein the group of 100 students were given money every day for consumption of vegetables in their meals; the other group was complimented by their teachers with no money given whereas the third group of students was not provided with either of it. The results were as expected the group getting money as inducement for the work was higher in consumption of vegetables.

Giving Monetary Incentive?

Imagine giving money for having vegetables in their meal. How it will cost your pocket and more importantly even if you do give the money have you ever thought what your child will do with that money behind your back? What if he/ she eat junk food? Then what is the whole use of this process. Parent should remember this “the shield between your child and the outer world is very thin than you think”. So before we make a move we should think twice  and money is an ultimate strong thread that joins between them. We should know at what time, what things should be exposed to a child.

Giving monetary incentive for eating veggies? Do you think it will make sense? What do you think as parents? It is just like going down a road to reach the goal in totally wrong way. Inoculating such principles in minds of young will affect their decision and inner motivational power.

The external provocation lacks the sense of passion and need to do the right thing. Children grow and stick to the ideologies which are inscribed in their childhood. There is a term called “self-motivation” which is supposed to be introduced to the child right from the beginning. The effects of self motivation last long as compared to that of induced motivation. Giving a proper reasoning is one way of motivation.

Frog and the warm water

The other theory we can always use is the “frog and the warm water”. As we all know this theory wherein the frog kept in the water, then keep on increasing the temperature of water the frog gets adapt to it. In the same way when you as a parent take responsibility of your child’s diet chart and leave no option, but to consume the given food they will have no choice. But that does not mean you have to be harsh on your child. There are many ways in which vegetable as food can be made delicious and enjoyable. Experimenting with taste with less loss of nutrition is one way of doing things right.

The child is always a child and has no knowledge of good or bad thing, it is our responsibility to make the right choices and teach them too.



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