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Dec 10, 2018, 21:18
5 Tips For A Healthier Skin

Author - Harshika Boricha

              Anirudh Sathe

Read here about 5 Tips for Healthier Skin. 


  • Skin impurities are often results of erratic digestion. Planning your health is much like planning your finances. You must invest in it to stand the chance of better returns. Make a plan and stick to it, may it be a diet plan or an exercise regime consistence is the key. The process of getting healthy is a slow and arelentless one. So keep the habits that you know are a detriment to the process at bay.


  • Let’s talk about good health as radiance comes from within. When you eat healthy, you feel healthy and you eventually look healthy. What you eat is what you are and good health starts with good nutrition. Include a variety of organic foods in your diet including but not limited to fruits, raw vegetables and whole grains. And lastly however hard it may seem, it is a good habit to stay away from junk food.


  • Drinking water is imperative to a clear complexion. May it be for the purposes of rehydrating your body or for flushing the toxins out of your body there is just no substitute for the colourless, odourless and tasteless thirst quencher. Water in addition to rehydrating and aiding in the transport of nutrients throughout the body also helps in the removal of its waste. Waste which if left untreated will mar your complexion.


  • Exercise is as essential as hydration and nutrition. Your body needs to efficiently churn the nutrition you have provided to it by the healthy habits discussed herein and hence you need to perspire. The stress of this article is not on joining a gym or dedicating time to weights rather the stress of this article is on the importance of concomitant exercises in one’s life and their need in one’s wellbeing.


  • Avoid exposure, the way our environment is sending us red flags and the way it has been derided by us over the recent years warrants extra caution from our part to ensure our health. In our surroundings, we have to protect ourselves from a variety of potential risks ranging from UV exposure to pollutants in the air or the level of noises in our surrounding. Caution is advised and underestimating these risks would be a mistake.

In a nutshell, healthy mind resides in a healthy body and all attempts to a healthy living must start with an intent to persevere, for only in habits can our body show improvements.

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