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Apr 25, 2018, 13:47
Reality TV Based Games In Town

Brainy’s the new sexy!!!

The haunted art gallery, the infamous terrorist organisation..The missing scientist….

Ever imagined yourself solving such cases or being locked in a room and challenged to breakout using nothing but your skills and brain power? Well… the latest trend in immersive entertainment will help you if you’ve got what it takes. Escape games are the new trend for youngsters in Mumbai



Its setting a new tempo and a new destination for spending an adventurous weekend. The name for this experience varies such as – escape the room (etr) , escape game puzzle , clue hunt etc. They all involve a team of people (2-8) getting locked in a room which usually includes themes such as fantasy, horror, or detective. The players are supposed to solve the puzzles and challenges in order to get out of the room. The old concept or haunted houses is long gone now and Mumbai is sherlocked and brain struck .It’s a very thrilling experience and a great sport for team building. And besides it is not virtual or online but it is something very real and completely offline.

You will be physically locked in a room!

Imagine yourself getting locked in a 250 sq.ft of a mysterious and thrill space with some furniture and mild motion involved, your only way to get out of the locked room is by using your mind, logic and the power of your team work.

Now if you ask me whether why should I opt for such games?



Escape games is amongst the most innovative and fun things you will ever find in India or to be precise, in Mumbai today. Sixty minutes spent here solving a mysterious challenges with your friends will turn out to be exciting and rewarding at the same time.

     These games are designed to inspire spontaneity, us e of mind power and to give another level of kick not found in other means of entertainment.

This new genre of gaming is essentially bringing the video game experience to real life allowing you to be the protagonist in your own adventure.



We all have fantasized about being Indiana Jones or Sherlock Holmes or any other spy thrillers. Escape game provides us that platform to live a detective life and feel like a real live hero…at least for sixty minutes. It truly proves to be a completely unconventional, sparkling, thrilling and a stress busting experience .

And the best part about it…..it is pocket friendly . Its locationsare flexible  spread all over mumbai on different places such as bandra,kurla,andheri,lowerparel .

So go ahead…change your monotonous weekend schedule …set your brains on fire…and let the detective in youdrive you crazy…have a rip-roaring weekend…!!

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