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Apr 04, 2018, 19:50
Acne problems? You must read this.

Acne is a long-term skin disease caused by the clogging of hair follicles. The areas affected are mostly the regions on the face, the upper part of the chest and the back. The problem is especially pronounced in the puberty stages of an individual with the rising levels of hormones. The acne is known to cause anxiety, reduced self-esteem or even depression.


A study done on the subject revealed that 75% of individuals between the ages of 11 to 30 years are affected by acne. While a genetic cause has not been ruled out for causing acne, factors like stress, eating habits, hot and humid climates and lifestyle choices are the predominant causes. Below are the ways to prevent acne from becoming a chronic problem in one’s life.


  Eat healthy foods



Eat healthy foods: In a study, diets containing High glycemic load have been observed to have had an effect on the severity of acne. As more of a general guideline, stay away from greasy junk food, processed foods, and foods with processed sugar. Instead, include fresh fruits and vegetables and organic produces in your diet.





Cleanliness: Wash your face twice a day. Use lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft cloth after. Avoid using harsh soaps and try specialized facial cleansers instead. Never scrub your face vigorously to clean acne. This will end up causing more harm than good. In the worst of cases, it may also end scarring your face. Don’t touch your face repeatedly with your fingers. It will only deposit more harmful bacteria on the skin.





Cosmetics: Be careful of the type of cosmetics you use. For the women, it is advised to use make-up sparingly. Use oil-free cosmetics and ones that do not contain dyes and chemicals. Keep your skin moisturized and plump. Apply the moisturizer generously to the face at least twice a day after washing it. Look for “non-comedogenic” on the label of the cosmetics and the moisturizers. This label ensures that the product being applied is not going to clog skin pores.





Exercises: These are a great way to meet the body requirements. Keeping your body active is an excellent way to ensure it operates at optimum efficiency. The stagnation in one’s lifestyle has been linked to acne and various other problems. Avoid wearing tight clothes and allow the skin to breathe when exercising. Body sweat is a good way to clean the pores of one’s skin.





Stress: Stress, among other problems, also escalates the severity of acne. Of course beyond causing acne, stress has far deeper implications in one’s life. It is best to arrest this problem before it gets out of hand. So, sit back, relax, find what you are stressed about and address the issue before its effects start to show. This quiet contemplation of one’s life has far more benefits than just addressing skin problems.


  Get help


Get help: There are many over the counter acne medications available. But a wise option is to consult a dermatologist or at least a family physician before one starts playing with these. Most of these products cause drying and peeling so caution is advised. Also to worry about is the sensitivity of the skin and its allergic response to the medications.Consult an expert before proceeding this path.


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