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Mar 29, 2018, 15:28
10 Food Items you must have this summer

          The warmest season of the year is summer, starts from June to August. Summer is traditionally with warm and hot weather. In summer, eat healthy and good food. These are the food items which you must have this summer.





Watermelon has become synonymous with summer and the picnics that are characteristic of that season simply because it is full of amazing health benefits which are particularly of aid during the summer season. Along with the water content watermelon is rich in potassium, lycopene, citrulline among other nutrients. The antioxidants present in this delicious fruit make it an intrinsic part of any summer or year-round based healthy diet plan.





Cucumber has lots of fibre that can help keep constipation at bay. With crunchy bites and 96% of water in its constitution it is refreshing and helps you stay as cool as a cucumber. Cucumbers are considered healthy for the overall health. With summer season approaching near, you may want to start including this water-rich and cooling green vegetable in your diet to stay fit and energised. Cucumbers are low in calories and fats as well.





An inexpensive coconut is full of health benefits and has fabulous cooling properties. The place of coconut in our culture is well cemented and judiciously justified by the benefits not only in the water contained within but also from the other parts of the fruit. Coconut water is known to rehydrate the body, reduce blood pressure and is good for the heart. In addition to that, studies have also revealed that coconut water has cancer fighting and anti-ageing properties as well.





Though green vegetables are good to have round the year, it is better and to the point to have them during the summer months because of their inherent water content. The slightly bitter taste of many leafy greens is a good sign as it reflects the high levels of calcium contained in them. Avoid overcooking them because that can cause a loss of the water contained therein.





Onions have been added to our curries and dishes for the flavour since as long as we can remember but in addition to its use as a garnishing, onion also doubles up as a powerful ally in keeping us healthy. Consumed whole onions have been known and have been used since time immemorial in our culture to abate and reduce the possibility of a sunstroke.





Curd is a delicious coolant. You can turn it into chilled spicy buttermilk, a glass of Lassi or Chaas or even raita among many other things. You can also add fruits to curds to make lip-smacking and wholesome desserts or prepare dips during the summer season.





Basil seeds are mostly found at ice candy or juice centres and most people are unaware of their benefits. They provide nutrition and fibre to the body. In summer, kids especially due to their increased activities are more likely to get dehydrated and constipated in the heat, these seeds in the juices they consume will keep your loved ones far away from the ills of these health conditions. Basil seeds help in cleansing the bowels too and should be valued for its detoxifying properties as well.





Kokum in addition to being used as a refreshing after meal drink mostly in the coastal parts of the country and as a souring agent in culinary recipes to replace tamarind has well corroborated benefits to the human body. It contains garcinol which is antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. This means kokum in addition to aiding in digestion will help in keeping your heart healthy and your immune system running up to optimum efficiency.





Fennel seeds also known as saunf in Hindi is found in almost every Indian household. It is usually had after meals for a fresh and refreshing breath. These seeds not only give us a refreshing feeling but when consumed they stimulate intestinal juices, promote digestion and reduce acid flow.





Mint is a simple, easily available and low priced herb which you can add to your curd to make pudina raita or have it in the form of chutneys besides using it in dips. Though it does not help bring down the body temperature, mint is loved because of the delightful and refreshing taste. Apart from the taste mint has long been valued for its digestive and germicidal properties.


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