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Jul 20, 2018, 16:05
Mumbai gets a new Development Plan. Is it good?

The Mumbai Development Plan (DP) for 2034 spoke about creating 1 million affordable houses and 8 million jobs in the city. The plan was pending for a lot of time like almost since 20 years and recently Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. They have planned to unlock about 3,355 hectares of owned lands by the public and private and also the land which is tagged as no development zones (NDZ) in order to provide the low-cost housing and the basic social amenities. There are an additional 300 hectares of salt pan land also available which will also be going for building affordable homes.

They will also be creating social amenities such as creating theatres, museums, parks, playgrounds, theme gardens and old age homes, there will be also shelters for the homeless.

These plans look really good for the future of Mumbai development but as per the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation commissioner, Ajoy Mehta has himself stated that the plans of 1991 development plan had conceived can be achieved by only 20%. This therefore clearly indicates that the plans for 1 million affordable homes and 8 million jobs are likely to stay just on the paper and might not actually happen in real-time.

Blueprints of the plan:

The development plan includes the usage of salt pan lands for the development purpose, though the environmental activists might revolt against this since removing the salt pan will lead to flooding on the water in the city since they keep the water at bay during the rainy season.

In order to create more jobs, the development plan will give incentives for commercial structures to have extra Floor Space Index (FSI) which will be given extra floor space for the road width and thus giving more height space to the data centers since they have been allotted 6 feet height.

Since the Aarey colony area will also be used for making the metro rail and therefore the Adivasis residing over there will be transported and shifted. Along with that, a zoo will also be set up there since the forest is already available.

The municipality also plans to create a separate parking space in Cuffe Parade and near Mumbai Port Trust of a mega parking space of around 300 acres which will be the mega parking space.

The blueprint of Mumbai is totally based on the population which will soon peak to 12.79mn by 2021 and therefore it has also lead to increase in by almost doubling the per capita housing requirement estimating an average size of 4.2 sq.mt.


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