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Feb 09, 2018, 15:17
5 Ultimate Whiskeys of the world. Have you tasted one yet? Part 2

1. Elijah Craig 21



Elijah Craig 21: This one comes from the stores of the Heaven Hill distillery, and is a premium bourbon whisky. The nose contains deep flavors of maraschino cherries and vanilla, over a scent of cereals. The palate will reveal hints of dandelion, aged tobacco, and wood. A little swirl of the drink will also reveal cinnamon, light honey, and peaches.


The finish of the whisky will add the slow savoring taste of wood, Oak to be precise to the experience. The finish will also have undercurrents of snap pea and caramel. The Elijah Craig 21 is a premium whisky and is priced as one. A bottle would cost you anywhere around 105 to 110 Pounds sterling.


2. Highland Park 18 Year Old



Highland Park 18 Year Old: This is an absolute favorite of critics and masses alike. And this has been evident in the awards that have been showered on it in the past years. It won the 2005 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. It was also named as “The Best Spirit in the World” by Spirit Journal in 2005. The nose of the dram is a wave of floral notes and fresh blossom with hints of honeyed exotic fruits.


The palate will be creamy with the taste of fruit conserves and expresso. The palate will also contain a hint of cinnamon and allspice. The finish will be a delayed and a long one with a well sugared and herbal edge. The price of this magnificence is around 80 to 85 Pounds sterling per bottle.



3. Ardbeg Uigeadail



Ardbeg Uigeadail: A worthy offering from the Ardbeg distilleries in Scotland. The name comes from the loch the Ardbeg draws its waters from. The region it comes from is famous for its heavily peatedwhisky. It was named as whisky of the year in 2009 by the connoisseur Jim Murray. Balance is the key and the defining characteristic of this whisky.


A whiff of the dram is filled with peat and dark sugar, with cereal and some tar. The palate would unveil smoked barley and black forest honey. The finish of the whisky will have a caramel and malt weave with a hint of gradually receding expresso coffee. The price of a bottle is between 40 to 45 Pounds sterling.


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4. Hibiki17 Year Old



Hibiki17 Year Old: Another fine example from the stocks of Suntory. The defining feature of this one is the hand blending by the distillery’s bender in Chief Shinji Fukoyo. The blend was awarded an “Editor’s Choice” by the Whisky Magazine. The nose of the whisky is full of honey and wax, resin and oak. One can even detect cacao and cooked fruit in it.


 The palate is sweet and rich and will have hints of peels, raisin and custard and plenty of oak. The finish will be a long one. It will have the taste of oak, cocoa and sherried peels. The price of a single bottle ranges from 100 to 110 Pounds sterling. A special mention here to the fact that this whisky is hard to get one’s hands on.



5. Lagavulin 16 Year Old



Lagavulin 16 Year Old: Another one from the Scottish highlands and another one from the massive peat-smoke regions. The whisky compliments the taste buds with both richness and dryness and makes for an interesting experience. The 16 Year old offering is also the flag bearer of the Lagavulin distilleries. It is also differentiated among peers by the slow distillation speed and the pear shaped pot stills in distillation.


The nose of the dram is of sweet spices, redolent iodine, and vanilla. The palate is a delicious serving of malt and sherry with fruity sweetness and of course peat. The whisky has a long and spicy finish with fig and dates and peat smoke and vanilla.


5 Ultimate Whiskeys of the world. Have you tasted one yet? Part 1



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