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Oct 24, 2017, 14:33
Equityright presents Ride the Markets - for Beginners

Training Module for Beginners -


Equityright Anniversary Offers -

1. Every registered participant gets 6 month Equityright Wealth Creator Research Reports membership worth 24999/-


2. Early Bird Offer - Every registered participant will get a bonus invitation to attend the next seminar.(Limited Seats).


Click Here to subscribe for the seminar at only Rs. 999/- Limited Seats only.


"It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price." Warren Buffet


Nifty Breaches 10,000 for the first time ever.


Invest in the fastest economy of the world.


Nifty up by more than 40% in just 1.5 years.


According to some reports only 3% of the Indian population is participating in the financial markets. The remaining  are afraid or do not have the necessary knowledge to enter the markets.


After numerous requests, the Equityright Wealth creator club started the training module. After each session and feedback we are proud to say many of our clubbers are successfully navigating the treacherous waters of stock picking.


What we DO NOT advocate.


1. Enter the markets without fully understanding the basics.

2. Follow the brokers, channels, tips blindly.


Now the most difficult step to enter the markets in the first one. Many beginners do not have the basic understanding or guidance. Here we want to help those who are entering or planning to enter the markets absolutely for the first time.

Remember, We believe- Return of Capital is more important than Returns on the Capital. We are empowering you to ensure you have the basic understanding before you become an expert.


If you want to know the basics, here we explain, mentor and give you the confidence.  The first step will be the most important to become a successful trader/ Investor.

What we teach in this training module.

•  Stocks Basics: Introduction

•  Stocks Basics: What Are Stocks?

•  Stocks Basics: Different Types Of Stocks

•  Stocks Basics: How Stocks Trade

•  Stocks Basics: Trading Stocks and Order Types

•  Stocks Basics: Bulls, Bears & Market Sentiment

•  Stocks Basics: How to Read A Stock Table/Quote

•  Stocks Basics: Valuing Stocks

•  How to do fundamental analysis - basic

•  Stocks Basics: Conclusion.


This workshop will explain the basics of stock trading/investing for participants, help you practice the same with real data and see the impact with live case studies. Printed material will be provided.

 Laptops, Smartphones participation is preferred.


Who should attend

 Students, Executives, Businessmen, Anyone who  wants to have exposure in equity market either directly or through indirect routes like mutual funds etc.


Agenda and Location -

location- Ikeva, Lower ground, Pheonix market city, LBS road, Kurla West

For details on agenda/Venue   please refer our participation email.


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