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May 03, 2018, 08:27
Pollution affecting your skin? Read this

Living in the city has its own perks. But skin pollution can be a downside to it. In today’s life of 9 to 5, the amount of damage that penetrates through our skin everyday should be kept in check.  The effects of pollution are easily visible and are long lasting.


Summers can make your skin dry and oily. Toxins that float around in the air settle on your skin layers. Major skin related issues are connected to excessive exposure to sun rays. It can cause hyper pigmentation; lead to formation of wrinkles and the scariest of all can cause skin cancer.


Let’s be practical, after working for 9 hours a day skincare is the last thing that comes to our mind. And retiring to countryside or living it up at spas is not an option for everyone. So here are ten quick tips that can help you to keep your skin free of pollutants.


•             Wash your face more often. At least 2-3 times a day. If possible double cleanse your skin, first with oil based cleaner and then with the water based one.


•             Keep a face mist in your backpack. Choose one that contains anti-oxidants and keeps your skin hydrated for longer hours.


•             Do not leave your house without sun block. For more protection use scarf/sunglasses while travelling.


•             Include a hydrating cleanser in your daily routine. It helps remove dirt and grease without drying your skin.


•             Make it a point to use a scrub weekly. It removes dead skin cells and cleanses pores of your skin.


•             Night is the time when you’re is not exposed to toxins or pollutants. Utilise this time to rejuvenate your skin. Use a night cream for anti-oxidant protection.


•             Buy antioxidant products. Whether they are serums, masques or multi-vitamins.


•             Go natural, use Aloe Vera. It will refresh, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin instantly.


•             Take in more fluids. It will help you flush out the toxins from your body. Consume fruits with higher water content like citrus fruits and watermelon.


•             Your body is not a machine; take rest. Allow your skin to repair itself from the damage caused throughout the day. Aim to clock in eight hours more often.


Beauty products are not the solution to all your skin problems. Your daily habits that affect your skin directly or indirectly also need to be kept in check.


Limit yourself to the chlorine exposure. Although it is used to treat drinking water, it still is a toxic chemical that can cause serious agitation to the skin and lungs.


Smoking is a form of air pollution that enters your body directly. Smoking damages elastin and collagen which can cause premature wrinkles.


Water Therapy. Survive the summer with proper hydration 


Keep your skin hydrated at all times. Water triggers cell growth, helps improve circulation, minimizes dark cells and helps improve skin elasticity.


Skin naturally loses its moisture and elasticity as we age. By implementing such precautionary measures we can prevent pollution acting as a catalyst to accelerate the process.


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