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Dec 28, 2018, 08:37
Lupin Ltd. gave exclusive rights to AbbVie Inc. for its novel oncology drug

Lupin Ltd is an innovation led transnational pharmaceutical company. It specializing in branded and generic formulations, Activated Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and biotechnology products globally. Lupin is 8th in terms of revenue in the generics segment. They are the 3rd largest pharmaceutical company in the US Market in terms of prescription. Lupin specializes in the Diabetology, Anti-biotic, Non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), Asthma, Anti-infective, Cardiovascular and holds a global leadership position in the Anti –TB segment.

On 24th December 2018, Lupin announced that they have given exclusive global rights for their novel oncology drug for development and commercializing to the US-based Biopharma firm AbbVie Inc. Mucosa-Associated Lymphoid Tissue Lymphoma Translocation Protein 1 inhibitors (MALT1) is Lupin’s first in class blood cancer drug that activates T-cells and B-cell Lymphocytes to target cancer cells and eliminate them.

Lupin started with MALT1 inhibitors five years back to focus on the medical needs in certain kind of cancer with limited or no treatment options. From computation to its pre-clinical stage, the drug has been researched and developed in its Pune plant. They transformed the molecule inefficient pharmaceutical properties that can be tested in laboratories and take the drug forward for regulatory development and clinical trial.

Further, AbbVie Inc intends to develop a range of haematological cancer drug. Hematology-oncology is diagnosis and treatment for blood diseases or blood cancer. They want to expand their reach in oncology drugs where the treatment options are limited.

Lupin’s MALT1 oncology drug is to treat haematology cancer. AbbVie Inc will be paying an upfront fee of USD 30 million for commercializing the program to Lupin for this drug. On completion of regulatory development and commercialization of MALT1 on the global front, Lupin is entitled to receive USD 947 million. Along with this, Lupin will receive a double-digit royalty on the sale of the product. Furthermore, they will get to retain the commercial rights to this program in India.

While the MALT1 drug is amid regulatory investigative New Drug (IND) program. It is a process where a company is allowed to outset the human clinical trials and ships that drug across state lines for clinical trial before the application of the marketing of the drug has been approved. The haematology cancer drug is expected to reach at a market size of USD 18 billion by the end of 2025; At Present, it is at USD 15.13 billion.

Currently, Lupin has 2 molecules in its Novel Drug Discovery and Development (NDDD) pipeline. Both of these molecule compounds are in their clinical stages i.e. patient studies. One of them is for solid tumours, it has multiple indications but the company is focusing on non-small cell lung cancer under this respiratory small lung cell cancer drug, there is no treatment available for this worldwide. The second molecule drug is for chronic disease and for bone metabolism it is named as LND1892. This drug is in Phase II of clinical development. Both for, chronic disease and bone of them have an underline pathology of hyperparathyroidism (i.e. there is a high level of thyroid hormone, important to regulate a person’s kidney and calcium function in the body).

This deal will help Lupin and AbbVie to expand their research globally in haematology-oncology segment. The new innovative drug will help the companies pursue advance treatment options for the patients with limited treatment scope.


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