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Mar 14, 2018, 14:13
Reduce Weight By Drinking This


Water plays a very essential role in terms of health and body. The inception of life started itself in water. It not only regulates the body temperature and keeps it hydrated, but also improves the skin complexion.



Our entire health condition is based on the basic consumption of water and we neglect that simple note in our life. We rather spend huge amount of cash on the beauty and health products than drinking water. Funny isn’t it but it is true.


Study says that a supply of adequate water to body maintains the body weight. How? Well the basics when your body is deprived of water the other processes like digestion, fat burning and excretion are affected.


According to recent study consumption of 2 cups of water before meals can help to reduce 5 pounds in a year. 5 pounds!!! Isn’t that easy? That just by drinking right amount of water can lead to these amazing results.


A proper amount of water can help to improve our metabolism rate and reduce the urge of overeating.  There are many situation in which we actually are thirsty rather than hunger that’s what leads to overeating and weight gain thereafter.



The body with different body types need different amount of water consumption.

Here are few steps by which you can know the proper quantity of water one should consume according to its body type.


1. For first one should get their exact weight checked up, so accordingly they need to drink water.


2. After finding the exact weight you need to divide it by 1/2 and get the results.


3. The last thing you need to keep in check the activity level of your body. During body activities considerate amount of water is lost from the sweating process atone that we need to add up the water consumption in our diet.


Now the question arises how to consume such large amount of water on regular basis. Its easy, you just need to consume water before, after bed and before any meals. Ideally drinking 100 ounce of water is good for health that makes it 6 bottle of water of 16.6 ounce.

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