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Oct 22, 2018, 20:47
How to beat the October heat?

Summer in the tropical country of India is arduous ordeal. The months just don’t seem to pass as they mould themselves into an unending experience. It is characterized by the unbearable heat and the hot, dry summer wind. The wind known as “Loo” in the subcontinent often leads to fatal heatstrokes or hyperthermia. Great care and caution must be exercised in these months for the health and the general wellbeing of the body. Right off the bat, stay indoors in the afternoon and drink lots of water.

Furthermore, enlist the help of the following tips to see through this difficult time of the Indian calendar year.



1. Use an earthen pot



Use an earthen pot: Make it a habit to drink plenty of water in the summer. Additionally, use an earthen pot to store the water you drink. This time tested and proven method of beating the heat has been passed down to us by our ancestors. This will regulate the body’s core temperature.



2. Kokum Sherbet


Kokum Sherbet: A method from the western coast of India. This refreshing drink will restore the electrolyte balance that your body loses in the form of sweat. Soak the sherbet with Sabja seeds (seeds of Basil) for added benefits. Have this drink pre-lunch or around 11am to extract the maximum benefit.


These food items all health conscious persons avoid.


3. Curd (Dahi) Rice


Curd (Dahi) Rice: In the afternoon for lunch try having Dahi Riceat least two to three times a week. It can also be consumed as a late afternoon snack. It is a very good pre-and pro biotic meal. This will help regulate the blood sugar level in the body.



4. Gulkand Milk


Gulkand Milk: Another drink for the body, this one should be taken at bedtime. The sleep-wake cycle is imperative for the body to regain its balance. This drink will assist in the process by ensuring a restful and calm sleep. It is also a natural coolant.



5. Mango


Mango: The king of all fruits and rightly so, for it will help you beat the summer. It is rich in Vitamin B and will calm your nerves. It also revitalizes the body with its water content and provides long lasting energy.

Use these tips and tricks highlighted above to not only beat your summer, but also enjoy it.


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