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May 01, 2018, 15:10
Gymnasium workout or Yoga practice. Which one is better? Let's find out

Health is defined as a combination of peaceful mind and a peaceful body. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as a state of complete physical, mental, psychological and social well-being and not merely the absence of a disease or infirmity. A healthy lifestyle consists of healthy eating and necessary activities to ensure physical well-being.


Think of it this way, once you have accumulated energy through food, the energy needs to be efficiently invested. This energy needs to be invested in activities that prevent disorders in the body. The physical exercises will not only tone your body but will revitalize your brain as well. A common argument among lifestyle pundits is comparing yoga or gym and sizing up the benefits of both. Both are good alternatives in their own right. Below are the benefits of yoga and the benefits of joining a gym.


Yoga: To start off, yoga is not about self-improvement. Rather yoga is about self-acceptance. It is an age-old technique developed by our ancestors. Yoga is aimed at one’s spirit and its conditioning. Yoga infuses one’s spirit with positive energy. It teaches attributes like patience, which help an individual in other facets of his life as well. Yoga will bring about a calm demeanor and a peaceful exterior.


While the gym uses metal weights, yoga uses one’s body as weights to achieve results. This means yoga can be done anywhere. This also teaches its practitioners the art of self-dependence. Yoga is not an exercise it is a way of life. It does not help you build up muscles, it helps you build your core, your inner self. It is proven to improve one’s digestive system, circulatory system, and lymph system. Yoga revitalizes the body and the mind of its practitioners. The injuries sustained in practicing yoga are never as serious as the one’s sustained in the exercises of a gym.


These food items all health conscious persons avoid.


Gym: Gym employs an approach of physical exercises and lifting weights. One thing to note is that yoga will not help an individual lose weight. Further yoga does not provide cardiovascular benefits. Exertion as a method to keep one in shape is an efficient one. And this is where gyms score points on the table when pitted against yoga. For the cardiovascular exercises are as imperative to the body, as mental health and peace.


 We live in a world where we are subjected to unhealthy risks. We have no control over these risks. And sometimes the best approach is not to accept but to get rid of. Join a gym to be able to continue the concomitant exercises that the body needs. The long walks, jogs, aerobic and even lifting weights are important for the body. Gym works on improvement of the body and boosts one’s self-confidence as a result. 


The key here is not choosing one method over the other. The key here is striking a balance between the methods for optimum efficiency. A proper method would be dedicating two to three days of a week to yoga then take a rest for a day and hit the gym for the rest of the week.       


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