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Feb 06, 2018, 14:12
Lexus brings Hybrid LS 500H to Indian markets

Japanese car maker Lexus revealed their Flagship hybrid sedan LS 500h in India.


The LS 500h model is powered by a V6 petrol hybrid-unit which delivers a speed of 354 Horse Power (HP). It is fitted with a 3.5litre petrol engine which can sprint up to 100kph in 5.4 seconds with the help of 310.8kV lithium ion battery assisted by two electric motors.


The Sedan is 5235 mm in length and 1900 mm in width has a wheelbase of 3125 mm with a 10 speed automatic transmission. The LS can switch through vehicle dynamic movements with the help of VDIM (Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management). The LS design is known for its sharp features and iconic front panel.


 The top end model (Distinct) comes with a price tag of 1.93crore (ex-showroom price) with the two other models priced at 1.82crore (Ultra luxury) and 1.77crore (Luxury) respectively.


Lexus motors declared that they were separating from their parent company Toyota in September 2017.


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N Raja, Chairman of Lexus India looks towards a safer and a cleaner environment by switching to Hybrid EVs. Toyota Lexus is working on its battery technology to reduce the weight of the batteries with a higher operating range.


Hybrid EVs are the future of the Automobile industry, Government of India should become more neutral and embrace new technology instead of being skeptical about these innovations.


The Lexus NX 300h which was launched in December 2017 is a hybrid compact SUV which is on the lower end of pricing as compared to other models of Lexus available in India. The futuristic and sharp looks of the NX 300h is what makes it stand out in the high-end luxury SUVs range.


The NX is powered by a 2.5litre four cylinders assisted by an electric motor which delivers a joint output of 194 Horse Power (HP), the Automotive Research Association of  India (ARAI) certified mileage of the car is 18.32 Kilometer per litre (Kmpl).


The car can switch to 6 drive modes depending on terrain and speed such as Eco, Normal, Sport, Sport + and Custom.


NX 300H is fitted with a customized grill with the Lexus back light logo signifying its Hybrid concept.


The luxury model is priced at 74 lakh and F sport at 78 lakh (ex showroom price) and at such price range the car faces tough competition from Mercedes GLC and Audi Q5.


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