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Oct 22, 2018, 20:48
10 Unbelievable Special Effects You Must See

The art of film making has travelled far with advancement in the technology. Due to which the border between reality & imagination is fading day by day. Nowadays, when it comes to making movies, both Bollywood & Hollywood industries rely on VFX .Though Hollywood is comparatively more dependent on special effects than Bollywood, but don’t underestimate the latter which is catching up soon!


 Here’s a sneak peek at some of the scenes from your favourite movies which will surely have you in splits:


1. Alice and the wonder land



This movie had truly captivated our senses and we all dwelt in our childhood memories of this age old fable. The wonder land how much ever wonderful it was, was too good to be true.


2. Kick



Remember this scene when we were actually at the edge of our seats and holding our breaths? Yes, you are right it’s a VFX scene. Though our Bhaijaan gave us a kick for this scene but guess what…now we know the truth.


3. The Dark Knight Rises



Do you summon this scary two face from the Gotham city? Yes it's smartly created using vfx technology.


4. Happy New Year



This comic movie had traded on a mixed note, loved by some and hated by some. Whatever the status of the movie was, it was surely earned well .This fight sequel of SRK  is surely completely VFX scene.


5. Wolverine



No doubt  Hugh Jackman has a completely ripped body but still the metal sharp razors coming out of his knuckles are too true to be real, Vfx has a great role in it .


6. Bahubali



The highest profit making movie which surely had mesmerized all its audiences and still all of us are eagerly waiting for its sequel. This film was a treat for our eyes in true sense and the use of vfx in this film was commendable.


7. Life Of Pie



“Life of pie” is the most famous and successful film which surely ruled both Hollywood as well as Bollywood for quite long .Both kids as well as adults loved this film of a shipwrecked boy leading his way through the troubles of life, has no family to back for. But wait can you imagine the entire movie being shot in a swimming pool?? That is a shocking revelation for us right? It reminds me of Titanic (psst…which was supposedly shot in a bath tub).


8. Wolf Of The Wall Street


“The real question is this: was all this legal? Absolutely fucking not. But we were making more money than we knew what do with.”

You got me right, its none other than our Jordon. This movie was a big hit and earned many viewers and now you know the reality.


9. RA.One



This action flick surely didn’t gel well with its viewers. Though the concept of digital world colliding with real world was great but still it was too unrealistic. On top of that this action scene where king khan jumps out of the train? I mean seriously…!!


10. The Hobbit


Last but not the least, ‘The hobbit’ is a movie about a fictional, diminutive, humanoid race who inhabit the lands of Middle-earth. This peter Jackson flick is an exemplary vfx customized film.

So hope you have liked the compilation of these unbelievable special effects .

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