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About Equityright

About US

Gone are the days when you had to hunt for a canny financial advisor.  Gone are the days when you have to trust the advisors blindfolded. Also, the times when you were bamboozled with the abundant but raw data making the rounds!

While more we thought about this, the more we felt the need to get things right for you! We thought to build a platform that stands discreet in its advice, flexible enough to suit your requirements, and guide you to your way for comfortable, balanced and wealthy lives.

And that’s when Equityright was born. Equityright strongly believes that it’s your right to get the right information, through right source that rightly helps you multiply your hard-earned penny into wealth. Moreover, it is also your right to get access to the crucial updates and events that surround you and affect your lives in many different ways. That’s where Equityright establishes connect with you!

 “Building wealth, creating values”

Equityright Research is deeply focused to create value for you, both small investors and others, aiming to fulfil your financial requirements and helping you attain financial peace.  It is our goal to educate investors, share meticulous information and guide over financial planning in order to lead a financially enriched life. 

Get wealthy, and not just rich, the Equityright way!  There are no short cuts to success. Similarly, no short term gains can get you wealthy. Equityright strongly reckons that “The art is not in making money, but in keeping it”. Therefore, Equityright investment advisory services are largely directed towards long term wealth generation through value investments.

“Beyond financial markets”

Life ain’t all about money. There’s more that adds colour to your lives and makes it worth living. Besides finances, Equityright goes an extra mile and endeavours to participate in personal aspects of your lives and help guide you embrace changes. Equityright strongly believes that you need to live, you need to learn and you need to upgrade.


Mission: Equityright investment advisory services envisages itself to develop as a fully-grown financial services provider through the dynamic E-commerce platform over years to come. It aims to bring every layman under the investment ambit and help him build a successful and prosperous life.

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