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Don't catch the falling knife. Avoid value traps in the market

Sometimes a stock which may look like a value stock due to a major drop in price, but which is not actually undervalued. Such stocks attract investors who are looking for a bargain because such stocks are comparatively cheaper than other stocks. The trap springs when investors buy stock of the company at low prices and the stock continues to dro ...Read more

Why should you check if your portfolio is beating the benchmark index

For evaluating the performance of an investment fund or any strategy we compare it with an appropriate benchmark. For example, if you invest in a mutual fund which is a Large cap fund and the fund was up 7% for the year and you evaluate whether is it a good bet or not? The positive returns are always nice but what if the Indian stock (Nifty 50)  ...Read more

Hedge investments to protect your capital

Risk management is one of the most important aspects involved in trading. If you do not have a risk management system in order there can be irreversible and huge losses due to poor decisions. Once the risks are understood and assessed they can be managed and taken care of.

In our day to day lives  ...Read more

Ratios to keep in mind before choosing dividend yielding stocks

Let’s talk about dividends, first off dividends are basically a payment every single quarter of the fiscal year so, if a stock or company is producing  X amount three or four quarters a year then you would get paid out three or four times now. You can change the dividend payout rate if you are a major shareholder and you can go and vo ...Read more

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